Infrastructure Consultancy

24/7 infrastructure consultancy services

Infrastructure Consultancy

24/7 infrastructure consultancy services

Managing server configuration

We understand how critical your servers are to the foundation of your daily business operations. Our professionals have been trained to assist your staff in enabling protocols which you have selected for your servers. We can also make medications in the port being employed by a certain protocol according to the explicit directions of your experts. Outsourcing is useful for times when you are unable to perform actions like encryption configuration for your system personally. Since we are actively handling server configuration 24/7 for your business, it boosts your productivity and speed.

Product interoperability adjustment

During the designing and development of your product, we can assist you with the optimization of its interoperability with various systems and software. This is a task based on your product’s specifications according to its particular purpose. Considering the functions of your product which are meant to work flawlessly with relevant systems, we can offer recommendations after viewing its performance. We present facts and figures to predict the effectiveness of the interoperability optimization strategies that we have developed for your product. These plans are supported by proper testing producing satisfactory results.

On-premises CRM integration

Even though outsourcing implies remote customer support, it doesn’t mean that our actions are disconnected from your customer relationship management located on your premises. Our objective is to accomplish seamless integration with your on-premises CRM system. Not only does this allow uninterrupted communication and flow of data between both sides but it also means that we can collaborate to devise rewarding strategies for your customer services. Fast exchange of real-time data keeps us on the same page while managing your customers. This is convenient when we are trying to resolve a query from a customer who has contacted you through multiple channels.

Cloud CRM integration

We recommend Cloud CRM integration to afford quick access to all the segments of your customer base by any channel of customer support. Our experts present it as a useful method for businesses that have outsourced customer services. Our main focus within Cloud CRM integration is to prepare for business growth on your end. Since your CRM software is hosted on Cloud, it becomes easy for us to accommodate an expanding customer base. It also makes it convenient for you to add more features to your customer support which is another task that we actively assist you with.

Product hosting platforms

Being involved in your product design and development provides us insight into the unique requirements of your products in terms of hosting. After studying the purpose, features and performance of your product, we have an idea of its scale. We conduct research on various hosting platforms which might be suitable for your product. The list we handover your staff contains the best options available at that moment. We discuss the pros of cons of each choice with your experts to ensure that the right decision will be made in the end.

Securing data

Not only do we assure your customers of complete security with adherence to industry guidelines but also provide safety to your business systems. In case of an attack, we follow emergency protocols to diffuse the situation.

Email archives

Every incoming email ticket and the details of its resolution are immediately recorded into your database of email support. We use it to compose reports for your sales and marketing departments for future drip campaigns.

System outages

Uptime is crucial to the success of your business and we do everything in our power to make sure that it stays at an acceptable level. We make plans with your staff on how to continue productivity during system outages.

Managing servers

We are ready to assist your staff 24/7 in setting up, configuring and maintaining the servers that are supporting your daily business operations. Any breakdown is instantly reported and we go about remedying it ASAP.

Hosting options

There may be many options for your product with regards to hosting platforms but your customers won’t be satisfied with just okay. That’s why we gather data about potential hosting platforms to find the best one for you.

System integration

Our customer support agents have the skills and training to assist your staff with seamless integrations for different systems including customer relationship management for both on-premises and Cloud components.

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