Remote Installations

Outsource technical support for remote installations

Remote Installations

Outsource technical support for remote installations

Scheduling remote installations

When your customer has purchased software from you, they are informed of the official procedure for conducting installation for that particular software. Since the software that you sell has its own installation requirements, we adhere to the practices that your experts have created. Outsourcing technical support gives you an edge over competitors as you have a team of specialists available around the clock to carry out remote installations on your behalf. You may train our employees in the installation of the range of software that your company sells or you could leave that task to our industry experts. The result is flawless execution of the software installation practices that your professionals have developed.

Configuring hardware products

The hardware that your customers buy from you has its own specifications and demands proper configuration before it is used in connection with any software. We are aware of the risks involved in improper configuration which is why your customers are given an explanation about this process at the time of purchase. Once they have made the necessary attachments to their system, our operators start the configuration procedure depending on the features of that system and their primary purpose. The details of their hardware purchase and its subsequent configuration is added to your customer records. We also schedule regular maintenance to make sure that their hardware is performing without a glitch.

Managing system integrations

There are several complications that could occur if software and hardware is not integrated in the correct way which is why we pay special attention to this task in our strategy development for technical support. Our experts have been trained in inspecting the features of relevant systems before creating a plan for their integration. As we have access to knowledge banks containing information on your products, we are capable of drafting precise integration strategies for each product-system combination. Thanks to your customers’ records, we can study up on the systems existing at their end which will be involved in the integration process. We discuss the requirements of your software and check whether the system present ticks all the boxes.

Training of end users

Although we have arranged a convenient system of accomplishing remote software installation, your customers are not left out of the loop in this process. We schedule a suitable time when your customers may walk through the installation along with the professional supervising the whole procedure. While we are fixing the settings of particular software, the input of your customers may be required since their purpose of purchase is important. We explain the different steps of the installation process in a simple way so that they can understand them. They are trained in the various features of your software that they will be employing for their business operations. We also tell them about the updates which will be needed for regular maintenance.

Software settings

When we are installing software for your customers remotely, we carefully organize its settings to match the requirements of your customers. This ensures that they will have no complaints about the features they plan to use.

Update schedules

All software needs responsible maintenance which we manage through scheduled updates. Your customers are informed of these updates beforehand so that they don’t have any trouble while their system is being updated by us.

Software training

Since your customers will be operating the software on their own, it’s our job to be certain that they are fully aware of the intricacies of its function. This demands training by our industry experts in the operation and maintenance of that software.

Remote access

While your customers are free to use the software that you have developed, technical support still retains remote access to their system to a certain extent. This is important during troubleshooting, updates and installation of software.

Product integration

In order for your software to work well for your customer, we are responsible for checking whether that specific software has been integrated properly into their existing system. Both are scrutinized to guarantee flawless operation.

Configure hardware

We try our best to prevent any technical faults in the function of the hardware that your customers have purchased from your company by ensuring that we have executed hardware configuration as directed by your staff.

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