Product Testing

Technical support for product testing

Product Testing

Technical support for product testing

Your product KPIs

Thanks to the knowledge banks especially developed for your business, our technical support has a deep understanding of your company’s products. We study their purpose, operation, features and weaknesses. This allows us to identify key performance indicators for each individual product that you are selling. The objectives set by your developers for every product are unique providing us an idea of your customers’ expectations. This helps us organize key performance indicators as well. We monitor the operation of your products and gather customers’ responses to determine measurements for their KPIs.

Beta testing strategy

While your developers are busy perfecting your product, we are preparing an effective beta testing strategy designed to check whether it is ready to fulfill its goals or not. The data collected from previous tests conducted during its construction are useful in this regard. We are already aware of what to look out for in beta testing this way. We help your select a qualified group of users to act as beta testers for that product. During an agreed period of time, they keep sending feedback for it as instructed. Then we plan out optimization actions for your product using that data.

Group testing of products

Depending on the aims of your group product testing, we assist you in the selection of suitable candidates. Once you have created a specific profile for the kind of user that you seek, we can contact potential candidates and filter them for your staff’s convenience. They are briefed about the group testing project and made aware of your terms and conditions. We remain connected with them directly throughout the testing period. This allows us to receive a constant stream of valuable feedback for your product. At the end, we compile reports for your staff on the group tests that we have supervised.

End user market testing

There are two approaches towards market testing that we employ: trial selling and stimulated market testing. In the first, our technical support uses powerful software to create a realistic scenario for the market response to your upcoming product. Then we apply mathematical formulas before reporting the data generated in the form of charts and conclusions. A selling trial on the other hand is conducted on a small population of potential buyers. It definitely gives high accuracy in order for your staff to finalize the details of your large scale product launch.

Load testing strategies

When your company is gearing up to launch an application or software, you may rely on our technical support to handle load testing. Through our precise planning, your developers will be able to learn about the maximum operational capacity of your product. We can use the data collected as a guide to conclude whether your existing infrastructure is strong enough to support that application. Our load testing strategies will also reveal how sustainable your software is at peak load. The detailed reports on load testing that we compile prove exactly how many users your software can satisfy simultaneously. You may plan scalability measures using our reports.

User experience

The focus of our product testing plans is user experience since that will determine whether your product will succeed or does it require further optimization to please your potential users.

Removing code bugs

At various stages of product testing, we gather feedback from the participants. We make sure to eliminate the bugs at different points which reduce the ability of your software to deliver results.

Functionality test

Our technical support checks the strength of your application’s performance in real-life conditions and provides your developers information for optimizing problematic features.

Interoperability bugs

Since your software must live up to its claim of being interoperable with other related software, we run thorough checks on the bugs which could be disrupting the interoperability of your software.

Software scalability

The data collected from load testing, group testing and similar strategies provides your developers the insight they need to figure out the scalability potential of your software for the future.

App sustainability

As you have invested several resources in your upcoming launch, you need to have an accurate measure of your product’s sustainability. We conduct tests under different real-life conditions to bring you that information.

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