Product Billing and Activations

Outsource support for billing and activation

Product Billing and Activations

Outsource support for billing and activation

User accounts setup

Organizing and updating your customer database is an important job of ours for maintaining the financial records of your company. When new customers want to be registered at your business, we can assist your staff in setting up official accounts for them. Since they will need to enter their payment details in the billing section of their account, we gather that data for your company. We include the billing information of your freshly registered customers into your database. Our organization makes it convenient for your staff to access this data for business purposes.

Verifying customer payments

When we guide your customer to pay for your products or services online through your billing setup, they receive a notification of the exact amount which has been deducted from their credit card or bank account. At the same time, your finance department is supposed to alert us of a similar notification that they have acknowledged that payment. We look out for this message so that we may confirm that the customer has indeed made the payment that leads to further processing of their order. Your customer is made aware of this verification and their order confirmation as soon as possible.

Confirming customer identity

Correct identification of your customer is necessary for us to confirm their order. We are aware of cybercrimes where criminals make use of customers’ credit information to make online purchases. Therefore, we take strict measures to verify that the person placing an order is indeed the customer who was registered under that account. Automated systems are put in place and tested to guarantee that your customers’ billing details are kept safe from prying eyes. Our security protocols also protect your business from getting damaged by fraud and cybercrimes.

Managing subscription renewals

Once your customer has gotten registered for a subscription to your services, we add their purchase to your financial records. Depending on the limit of that particular subscription, we send them alerts about its expiration. If your customer has signed up for a monthly subscription, we contact them about renewal. If they wish to continue availing your services for another month, we confirm it. In case they are interested in trying a different subscription package that your company offers, we add their new choice to their cart.

Rectifying errors in customers’ bills

It doesn’t matter if your customers have made a mistake while checking out or your automated system had an error, our technical support agents can fix the issue in no time. As soon as we receive the customer’s complaint, we check up on the source of the billing problem. Once we have identified it, we update your financial records with the correct data. If your customer wants to cancel their previous order because of that mistake, we can process their cancellation and confirm their new order.

Fraud detection

There is no risk taken when it comes to the security of your finances. Our technical support agents have setup security measures to prevent occurrences of fraud. Whenever suspicious activity is detected by our alarm system, we spring to action to defend your company’s data.

Updating records

It is imperative for your company’s smooth operation that we regularly organize the accounts of your customers. We note all the changes they have made to their billing information and ensure that your customer database lists their latest payment details for present and future purchases.

Managing returns

Whenever your customers wish to cancel a previous order due to a mistake or need to have their money returned because of overcharging, we can help them with such tasks. We note down the billing errors they faced for your record and process their returns as quick as we can.

Selecting plans

Your customers may rely on us for assistance in selecting subscription packages for your services and processing their payments for their chosen subscriptions. If they want to switch their subscription after some time, we follow your terms and conditions to accomplish that.

Checking identity

For the sake of your business and your customers, our technical support has arranged tight security that involves the verification of customers’ identities and the accounts that they are using to make payments for your products or services.

Confirming payment

We have optimized the process of processing confirming payments for your customers so that verification reaches both ends as soon as possible. Once we have confirmed their payment, their order is moved forwards and they are sent their shipping details.

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