Level 2 and 3 Support

Outsource Level 2 and 3 technical support

Level 2 and 3 Support

Outsource Level 2 and 3 technical support

Customer database maintenance

Our technical support is available 24/7 to manage your customer records so that your business transactions may be carried out smoothly all the time. Outsourcing has this unique benefit that an in-house tea cannot offer to your company. We are busy entering new customers in your records as soon as they are official registered. This is crucial because all their interactions with your business must be monitored for your marketing department. It would be complicated if the information of your customers wasn’t already saved when they were ordering your products or subscribing to your services.

Resolving networking problems

The networking hardware and software that your business deals with are integral components of the organizational setups of your customers. Fulfilling your brand promises, we have a team of industry experts always prepared to tackle any faults that might be affecting the function of networking elements. Our efficient ticket management guarantees that your customer is not kept waiting for 24 hours for a reply by which time the damage may have spread irreversibly. We quickly respond to their calls for assistance and try to identify the underlying cause of the issue. Effective protocols are employed to provide sustainable solutions.

Scheduling scans for bug removal

From development to operation, bugs are a constant annoyance which we deal with promptly. We advise your customers to schedule regular bug scans with our technical support to protect their software from poor performance due to the presence of bugs. We have created strong protocols which allow us to execute quick yet thorough bug scans for your customers’ systems. A complete report for each of these scheduled scans is presented to your customers and stored in your company’s records as well. If necessary, we switch schedules to cater to their specific needs.

Server configuration & software settings

Your staff can trust us to assist them with configuring hardware such as servers which are supporting your software for your customers. Since our technical support agents have access to your knowledge banks, we have all the training that we require for configuring your servers and organizing software settings. As we are not restricted by time, your staff can assign us such tasks afterhours and we can execute them perfectly. When we are handling remote software installation or updates for your customers, we can arrange its settings according to their business unique requirements.

Optimization strategies for your products

Our work does not end once your product is launched. We are responsible for collecting feedback from your customers through surveys and other response tools. Their complaints are also valuable to pinpoint technical shortcomings in your products at different stages. We prepare reports for your developers providing exact issues and the reasons for their occurrence. In addition, our technical support agents offer them recommendations for improving your products based on the data collected from your customers. In this way, your company can save its resources and your developers can focus on designing upgrades for your products.

Remote installation

After your customers have purchased your product, we can assist your staff in managing remote installations during the hours that they are unavailable or overwhelmed with installation requests.

Managing updates

We can schedule the necessary updates of software and applications that your customers have bought from your company. They are informed of update timings beforehand for remote execution.

Data report analysis

The performance of your products is constantly being observed by our technical support agents. Tracking feedback allows us to combine data to compose useful reports for your developers. These come in handy for designing optimization strategies.

Configuring servers

In order for your software and applications to function as expected by your developers, we take on the job of configuring your servers according to the explicit directions of your experts.

Removing bugs

The presence of bugs in your products is a constant nuisance for both your customers and your staff so we make schedules to conduct bug scans and devise protocols to get rid of them quickly.

Networking faults

We can help your staff maintain the networking hardware and software of your customers’ businesses. Our reliable ticket management allows us to respond fast and remove the source of the failure.

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