Level 1 Support – Product Website

Outsource Level 1 support for products

Level 1 Support – Product Website

Outsource Level 1 support for products

Email tickets for product queries

We have devised an efficient system for the management of email tickets which are submitted by your customers with regards to the products which they have purchased from your company. Their interactions with your business are constantly being recorded which makes it easier for us to give them effective solutions. Our responsive time is just 15 minutes as compared to 24 hours of most email support managed by your competitors. Email tickets are quickly assigned to the agents who are most capable of resolving it to the satisfaction of your customers. If they are experiencing any issue that requires troubleshooting, we can execute it according to preset protocols made in collaboration with your staff.

Inbound calls for product support

Your customers contact the answering services of your business hoping to shorten the time taken to get answers to their product queries so we are prepared to take their calls 24/7. Outsourcing allows you to offer technical support afterhours. You can expand your call support capabilities as your business grows to accommodate incoming traffic. Many businesses run day and night so we are available to assist your customers with your products. If a feature has suddenly stopped working like before, we take immediate action as we note down their request. They are reassured to hear a professional call operator on the other end who is already aware of their customer history and knows exactly how to develop a sustainable solution.

Engaging traffic on landing pages

The live chat function present on your website is always visible to your visitors and pops up whenever they arrive at your homepage. It can be minimized while they browse your website and they may type in the space provided whenever they have a specific question about your product. We reply to their query in a matter of seconds and use live chat scripts which have been approved by your staff. Besides queries sent to your live chat inbox, our live chat agents also actively engage with the leads that arrive on your landing pages as a result of ongoing marketing campaigns. We talk to your leads and customers about the products that they have expressed interest in as per interaction and behavioral data.

Maintaining your knowledge banks

Self-service is another method to provide answers to questions about the products that you offer to your customers. We have developed entire product manuals to help your customers learn more about the features and operation of all your products. There is a FAQ section on your website which is regularly updated depending on the most commonly asked questions in your product support communities. Your customers may employ keywords related to your products to pull up threads containing the information that they seek. We monitor failed search queries to plan content strategies for your knowledge bank. Customer feedback is an essential contributor to the creation and updating of your company’s knowledge bank.

Product features

Different customers have varying interests in your products’ features depending on why they are buying your product. We can share the explicit details with them of the features they are curious about products from your company.


Other than training your customers in using your products, we frequently answer questions on their operation for various purposes. We inform them about the range of actions that they can accomplish with your product.


Your customers often wish to know about how your products will work with the hardware and software that they are already using. Our technical support agents share interoperability data of individual products with your customers.


Every product that your company offers has certain requirements for installation and operation so we tell your customers about the compatibility limitations of the systems that they may be using already for their business.

Security risks

In order to keep your customers’ data safe from prying eyes, we inform them regarding protection protocols that we use to maintain security and encourage them to follow the safety guidelines for the product that they have bought.


When your customers have registered for a product, we explain how we will be scheduling updates for that at regular intervals to make sure that it does not develop security risks and continues to work smoothly.

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