In-App Support

Outsource in-app technical support

In-App Support

Outsource in-app technical support

Visibility of in-app technical support

While we are busy developing technical support strategies for your applications, one of our biggest concerns is visibility. We understand that when your customers choose your application, they expect convenience. New users in particular need time to adjust to your application’s interface. They might run into problems more often than users who are accustomed to its function. This is why we aim to place your support icon in a place where your users may spot it right away. The high visibility of your support icon and quick access to technical support that you offer could be a deciding factor from the perspective of your customers who are also considering your competitors’ applications.

Customer relationship management integration

Your application is already a separate entity so we don’t want to further isolate it from your main platform. Of course your application may work in conjunction with your website but what about technical support? A prominent feature of our technical support is that all communication channels are connected to a central location. The flow of data between your application and customer support center helps optimize technical support to afford superior customer experience. When a support ticket is created within your application by a customer, their entire record of interactions with your business is brought up by our agents. This allows us to understand the problem at hand better and provide sustainable solutions for your customers.

Personalized assistance within applications

There is a unique personalization element attached to applications which we take advantage of while creating strategies for in-app technical assistance. Usually, the registration of the application is linked directly to the device owned by your customer and you constantly receive usage data from it. We can track behavioral patterns from this data and learn more about your users’ preferences. If possible, we incorporate factors like location into our technical support plans which can enable us to fulfill your users’ needs on a greater level. The personalization of technical support is rewarding for both your customers and your staff. Your customer experience is improved because we have more information about their interactions with your business through that particular application.

Targeted outbound alerts for application users

We may benefit greatly from data which is sent to your centralized technical support platform but our strategies also include outbound messages to the users of your applications. When your customers contact you, they may feel like they have to inform you about everything to resolve their issues besides self-service like knowledge banks. We brainstorm about advantages that we may offer to them regarding technical support. After determining the points that touch this element, we proceed to schedule important messages sent directly to your customers within that application. They receive our messages within your application in the form of timely push notifications such as those for scheduled maintenance.

App integration

You don’t want your customers to feel like technical support is something that exists on the outside and that they would have to make effort to access it for their problems so we ensure smooth integration into your application.

Live chat widget

An easy method for your customers to receive instant in-app technical support is through the live chat widget incorporated into your application. They may send in their issues and we can respond to them within a couple of seconds.

Voice searches

By taking advantage of the voice search feature in smartphones, we can help you provide a better customer experience to the users of your application. They are able to submit their query to your technical support by speaking into their phones.

Push notifications

We plan outbound messages for the users of your applications so that they may get push notifications whenever we need to inform them about something important such as certain features being down for maintenance purposes.


Whenever your customers face an issue in the function of your application, they may click on the support icon within it to submit a support ticket which we quickly assign to a suitable agent and start the troubleshooting process.

Removing bugs

There are often complaints related to bugs disturbing the regular function of your application every day and degrading its overall performance so we have developed effective schedules and techniques for eliminating bugs.

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