Application Support

24/7 technical support for applications

Application Support

24/7 technical support for applications

Problem identification

The key to fast resolution is correct identification of the cause. Our detailed strategy for digging out the root of the issue is a major component of the resolution protocols that we have developed for offering satisfactory technical support to your customers. The preparation of our agents for different kinds of problems your customers could encounter saves us time boosting the efficiency of your technical support. We have already organized an extensive list of technical faults and their causes related to your products. This speeds up the identification step considerably.

Resolution protocols for applications

Since we anticipate the issues that your customers may face while using your products, we have smart protocols ready to tackle the trickiest of queries. You may rest assured that all our protocols meet your terms and conditions. We appreciate the contribution of your experts in the construction of these protocols particularly when it comes to complicated systems. Having knowledge banks to guide us about your products and services gives us valuable insight into the creation of essential protocols for technical support. These protocols make fixing issues much faster as well.

Managing software acquisitions

You may trust the experience of our industry experts in acquiring existing and latest software for your new software platform. We work under the direction of your professionals to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. Outsourcing technical support is a great move because we are available for managing software acquisitions even when your experts are unavailable. We can collaborate with your staff to schedule various steps included in the acquisition procedure. As for communication with relevant parties, we can also take care of that for your business.

Up to level 3 technical support

For the convenience of your customers and increasing the efficiency of your technical support, we organize all incoming queries into three basic levels. The limits of these levels are not decided by us rather your staff provides us input. We make sure that the levels which have been set for your technical support match the nature of your products and services. The most complex queries are reserved for specialists so that the simpler ones can be assigned to others. This helps saves resources and give timely attention to the difficult cases.

Maintaining consistent user experience

We assist you in providing technical support to your customers for different products and services that you offer. Since you have to take care of several categories simultaneously, it can be troublesome to maintain consistency so we take precautions for this reason. Keeping a centralized platform where data from varying communication channels is recorded helps us in our plans. We approach user experience category wise as well from the point of view of particular communication routes. This ensures that no matter what product we are giving assistance for or what platform we are at, there is an even customer experience.

End user support

Your staff can rely on us for assisting them with the assignment and resolution of incoming technical queries from your customers. We determine which level that particular query belongs to and go about fixing the issue.

Client-end support

Our technical support is not limited to helping your customers but we are also available to assist your staff with the resolution of technical problems 24/7 using our experience in the industry and extensive training.

Fixing bugs in app

Your customers frequently complain about issues with your applications such as slow speed, irregular performance of certain features and inability to save changes which may be due to the presence of bugs that we eliminate.

Apps crashing

There are several reasons why your application may be crashing and we are familiar with all of those causes. Since we have studied the function of your applications in detail, we are able to stop your applications from crashing.

Interface errors

Even when you have designed a user-friendly interface of your applications for the convenience of your customers, errors may occur from time to time due to various underlying causes but we are capable of solving them.

Manage migrations

Our experience in facilitating migrations of both old and new software acquisitions to your software platform comes in handy when your staff is overwhelmed in this regard. We can step in when necessary and help them.

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