Live chat technical support

We cover most the levels of support through live chat. Beauty! Isn’t it?

Live chat technical support

We cover most the levels of support through live chat. Beauty! Isn’t it?

Tier 1 support

We can share your burden of Tier 1 support for your business. At times, your experts may be involved in the resolution of advanced technical difficulties. Your customers cannot be kept waiting for long so our live chat agents can take over Tier 1 queries for them. Our response time is mere seconds which improves your customer experience and maintains its consistency. We can resolve all common and specific issues about your products/ services.

Software and application support

We are always ready to fix an application failure! Trust the expertise of our live chat agents in running scans for problem identification in the software that your customer has purchased from your company. We fulfill the expectations of your customers when it comes to the quality of our resolution abilities. Our aim is timely repair that does not inconvenience your customers in the slightest. This leads to 100% satisfaction ad positive reviews for your technical support.

Remote installations

No matter the hour, our live chat agents are fully equipped to manage remote installations for your customers. When your customer purchases software from you, we can follow your expert’s instructions to schedule its installation for them. While we carry out step by step remote installation our live chat operators keep your customers updated about its process. We ask them about their purpose of using that software and their preferences before arranging its settings for them. They are informed of maintenance procedures as well.

Remote networking support

We won’t allow your customers business to suffer due to network failures. Our live chat operators can reply to their SOS message within seconds and gather basic intelligence to kick start the resolution process. We rely on the appropriate protocols set by your experts to get the damaged network back online ASAP. Our live chat services are available 24/7 which is ideal to cater to any network emergencies faced by your customers ‘companies.

Bugs fixing and updates

Our live chat agents are efficient at eliminating bugs which may be slowing down the applications purchased by your customers. We understand how bugs and delayed updates could be ruining their user experience so our live chat services are running 24/7 for technical support. Whenever you receive a complaint, we can assist your staff in scanning for bugs and removing them for good. In the case of updates, we can remotely manage them at the scheduled time for your customers.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 support

We can handle up to Tier 3 technical support for your applications on website and mobile platforms as well any software that your company sells. Your staff may rely on our live chat operators to tackle the troubleshooting of tricky problems. We analyze the system using a checklist to find what the real issue is. Besides fixing the immediate error, our Tier 3 support operators conduct scans to locate any hidden faults and stabilize them.

Product activations for customers

Your customers can get their purchases from your company activated at any time through our live chat technical support which runs 24/7 for their convenience. We can manually activate their product for them or send them an activation code as they prefer.

Technical consultation

If your customers are confused about which software to buy for their business, our live chat agents can assist them. We ask about their system’s particulars and point out useful features in available options.

Software suggestion

In case your customers have no idea which applications would meet their needs best, we can discuss their purpose of purchase and provide the most suitable recommendations for their business requirements.

Defense development

Our live chat operators are very knowledgeable on setting up security measures for your customers, maintaining lasting protection and defending their system against unexpected cyber attacks.

Updating systems

In order to ensure optimum performance of the software your customers have bought from you, our live chat agents follow their update schedules to manage remote updates for their systems.

Setting up software

The setting up of advanced software is not to be handled by untrained operators so we can take the responsibility of managing that for your customers in case your technicians are not available at that time.

Remote troubleshooting

Instead of waiting for your expert to be free to take care of troubleshooting queries, they can simply be handed over to our live chat agents who can respond in seconds and accomplish fast resolution.

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