Process Performance Indicator

We develop processes and define their KPIs. Later on we measure them and report.

Process Performance Indicator

We develop processes and define their KPIs. Later on we measure them and report.

Every set up is supported with a chain of processes; one affects the other and vice versa. The service that we provide you through live chat framework includes certain procedures, which need to be mended, reformed and updated for a streamlined mechanism.

From lead conversion to tagging, processing, recording and reporting, we highlight certain metrics that are our performance indicators i.e. capacity, quality, productivity, competitiveness, value addition, efficiency and effectiveness. We optimize each and update you with its reporting.

Lead Conversion

We analyze this process from the landing source to agent’s interaction and then off till closed or not. We look into chat that converted lead. We come up with certain reports that denote customers’ expectations regarding personalization, agents’ understanding and resolution within a certain timeframe. We also form a detailed report of each generated lead regarding its interaction starting from first landing source to second and then third to the franchise or outlet of yours where it ended up on buying. This evaluation gives us insights into the following actions:

  • Agents’ performance
  • Chat quality
  • Lead generation
  • Product demand

After creating individual reports on each, we send them to you for updating about each prospect’s approach, conversion and purchase. The chat scripts and canned responses that promote lead generation and sales, we benchmark them for upcoming processes.


With years’ experience we have developed this process to prime levels, still keep optimizing it by a continuous process of analysis. We know it’s one of the most important processes that directly or indirectly affects the rest. Tagging means categorizing leads and contacts deals while using keywords. It’s a process that gives quickly filtered information. We use this categorization as follow-up for further plan of actions to certain groups. We tag visitors on basis of new, returning or premiers. It’s reporting enables us to optimize our efforts regarding each lead’s demand i.e. a premier one being valuable and loyal needs a more personalized service from agent’s end, while new or returning one needs detailed handling.

Security Check

Our agents are given a limited access to web services while on chat floors. They sign it as job description to keep their cell phones off, in lockers, while being logged on. We know that easy access to smart gadgets and internet may drive agents, who after all are humans to errors, and live chat simply can’t afford that. We keep a strict check on agents’ access to internet and different social media services for assuring your prospects list security. We have got access to each chat floor via online app through security cameras that enable us to ensure foolproof security standards. Our security updates keep you in touch with your contact list safety status and for responding us if you need it to be modified.

Workflow Indicators

For a flawless service we evaluate certain metrics that rightly affect the workflow. We keep evolving more optimized strategies to streamline each process, alongside establishing reports for your feedback on how well we are going and where we went wrong.

Database Approach

A live chat set up means macro amounts of data every day, so we head ahead with a data driven approach. While using specific web tools and methodologies, we come up with improved systems and processes. Our automation process, while detecting keywords, assigns chats to specific agents or towards trigger-based responses, in relevance with queries. We carefully follow chat and ticket reports to forage designs and correlations between end users queries and our agents’ response time. It helps us better dealing with potential gushing in buyers’ queries and allocating them towards desired resources.

Dealing on Demand

We have got an automated process of routing customers to the right department i.e. marketing, sales and technical. We know timely dealings and solutions are extremely crucial in live chat support. Through our software support we keep updated about inrush of traffic in marketing and sales funnels. By tracing customers’ footsteps, we get to know whether they are rightly driven to the right department. For example, a visitor who approaches us with a problem of a bug in software should be rerouted to technical department. This reporting helps us optimizing quick driving of customers on basis of demands; pre-sales queries to business development support, while post-sales off to respective product’s segment.

Flexible Engagement Strategies

Our analytics conduct a brief study of your brand and product, to come up with marketing, sales or technical process that best suits the customers’ needs. We know every business and product caters for different response times, chat scripts and solutions. By analyzing every day chat transcriptions, we work out how effectively each agent is supporting customers. We also send these chats transcriptions reports to you for optimization on your demand. With our advanced workflow strategies and customer-centric approach, we sort out the best suitable processes to align with your needs. Our watchfully crafted plans make our live chat window a speedy and accurate axis for ideal customer experience.

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