Goals Oriented Reporting

You set your goals of implementing live chat. We will achieve them and report.

Goals Oriented Reporting

You set your goals of implementing live chat. We will achieve them and report.

Before opting for our live chat support you must have done your homework about your expected business goals. They matter to us most and while carving ways for achieving them, we keep making updated reports for each, alongside. That one-window display of your business big picture enables you to review your marketing goals and sales outcomes in comparison.

We know different stakeholders have got their own live chat targets: sales might crave for increased lead conversion, while support for enhanced customer service. We ponder over your business needs and targets and formulate best strategies for attaining extended interests of yours, your company and consumers.

Our goal oriented reporting includes the following metrics:

Increased Leads Conversion

No business can grow without generating more and more leads, which ultimately shows its target audience, potential customers, customers landing sources and finally sales conversion. After you launch some marketing campaigns through whatever mediums, we keep recording the leads sources categorically through web pages, blogs, referrals, links, social or online ads. A quick analysis of it stimulates us to trigger the sources that are attracting more leads than the rest. Those sources ultimately become our focal points to work on for more.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

“Conversion with customers will increase sales, even if the product or service is not mentioned.” George Farris. According to a survey report by 2020 the customer satisfaction will become the prime metric for businesses to optimize for growth. We believe in it right now and step ahead with a customer centric strategy. For past 7 years we have been rendering live chat service with 88% CSAT; our prime target. We layout its reporting through following metrics:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Real-time Customer Feedback
  • Involuntary Feedback
  • First Response Time
  • FCR (First Contact Resolution)

Generating Sales and Revenue

Our live chat seamless support gives a quick access to customers about your product/service in a matter of minutes. We don’t believe in losing a single lead to a competitor few clicks away and hold onto it in the best possible way; together with our software support, agile team and advanced web strategies. By focusing on inbound leads interests and guiding them towards their desired product, we increase rational sales. It rightly promotes customer loyalty making customers feel connected with your brand. Our CRM data is based on personalized customers’ prior buying processes and involvements that keep us proactively ready for your upcoming products campaigns.

Cutting down Support Cost

Simply no need to mention how, we just cut short your expenses through live chat support in two ways: reducing your company’s billing and that of your customers’ too. Live chat support cost almost nothing to a customer who just has to go for leisure clicking and browsing, ending up on easy approach and halt-free support. We give you interval-based review about your live chat support cost in comparison with your sales so you may get to know how much you are spending in return of certain sales.

Reducing Cart Abandonment

Sales are what businesses run on and run for; bigger ones for a steady sale, while the smaller ones after increased sales for growth. No matter what, a marketing lead off to sale matters and in case it doesn’t make buying, we look into the reasons. By tracing landing customer’s interest, contacting them for reasons and tracking their next moves after abandoning cart, we come up with best solutions to optimize our support and upgrading your product.

Optimized Response Time

Live chat is considered the most demanded appreciated and quickest support in the cyber world and here seconds matter. We know buyers opt for it as they are prone to waiting, while being habitual to paying every day utilities through online billings. So basing on your business and product needs, we come up with an optimized response time for an easy buying process. We make it possible through our time to time updated working on peak working hours, off-peak timings, agents’ availability, agents’ response time and agents’ utilization.

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