Agent performance reporting

Individual performance is what team’s performance is. We take great care of agent level KPIs.

Agent performance reporting

Individual performance is what team’s performance is. We take great care of agent level KPIs.

The medium between live chat set up and out there in the world are its support team. Regardless how state-of-the-art software we are using and whatever technicalities we adapt, the performance comes to a dead end if we haven’t got a fine tuned dedicated front-line force. And it is the end result of right hiring, frequent trainings and off and on buck ups.

For an ideal customer service, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of our agents. These KPIs depict each individual’s conversion rate, satisfaction score, first response time, average handle time, first contact resolution, adherence, team work and overall dependability. For a seamless updated performance we keep measuring our agents working in the following perspectives:

Chats Count

We believe in soft, ethical handling by the agents, no matter what product or solution comes under discussion. We know that too many chats can be a good outcome like smooth process of providing required info about your business, product or service and bad one like inconvenient customer experience. For optimizing each chat, we train our agents with accurate product knowledge. Our system divides the incoming chats the way each agent receives a reasonable number that can be conveniently handled. We also take a weekly review of each agent’s chat transcriptions to find out pros and cons regarding language, information and overall chats handling. We submit those chat files to you as well to check overall standard of our agents’ handling.

Knowledge Base

Product/service sound knowledge is the key to best response, customer handling and finally your business growth. Our agents continuously undergo trainings; monthly or quarterly for updated information about certain product’s features and service specifications. Our analytics conduct a detailed analysis of your product and come up with compact bio, which is rightly saved in our system for agents support. We email you all alerts and updates via reports to analyze our performance and forecast the accuracy of your product knowledge bank. We improve our agents’ support by reforming the following:


We keep updating our FAQs in relation with their responses; also upgrade them after analyzing which of its categories need to be reformed. Our software alerts us about which of our FAQs rendered good service and where it proved null. We quickly update the queries that couldn’t be responded well.

Chat Software

We optimize our chat software on both customers’ and agents’ end. By analyzing our agents’ chats, we come up with evolving responses for the queries that couldn’t be well responded, escalated or not answered at all.

Self-service Portal

We keep gathering feedback through automated triggers to find out if any of our web page, newsletter or blog is insufficient or not updated regarding certain query. In light of those visitors’ responses, we edit and update where it is needed.

Response Time

We try to maintain our average response time within the perimeters of 15-20 seconds. A good response time means engaging the customers the way they end up on buying and staying loyal. For best responding by each agent, we keep counting the response time in accordance with concurrent chats. We know that long response time means inexperienced agent or inefficient product knowledge while shorter one means low abandoned rates and increased customer satisfaction. Our response time criterion is a mirror of your business demand, and we optimize it the way you desire.

Sales Conversion Rate

It’s all about sales and achieving your business prospects. We keep a sound record of each agent’s lead conversion as well as sales rate. For an effective qualified conversion of marketing leads into sales funnel, we believe in presenting the product to the customers as if it is evolved for meeting their needs. We do it through a step-by-step process of conveying product’s price, features, use, and workability alongside good resolute images saved in our system for agents. We send you sale alerts during certain timeframe (your required standard) daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution is our priority, not option. We believe in avoiding repeat contacts, cart abandonment and reducing burden in queue list. We keep analyzing our agents providing best support and product knowledge to come up with a criterion for the rest of the team. Our chat transcription evaluation is meant for insights into agents chat techniques and tools that they use for first contact resolution. We know that every product service FCR varies e.g. shelf life products need a quick resolution and response time as compared to those of automobiles and software. We send you reports of your pre-defined time span FCR for quality assurance and also making variations if you need.

Customer Feedback

Customer experience feedback is one of our benchmarks for rating agent’s performance. For it we get a touch-button feedback at the end of each chat by a thumbs up or thumbs down reply. We also go for focus or group customer feedback through live chat. A direct feedback of agents via emails is also collected time to time for improving our agents’ support and product/service knowledge. We opt for the feedback method that you recommend and after conducting it, update you with transparent reporting.

Agent Availability

We make it sure that required number of agents with sound backup should be there for your support. Our system keeps establishing spreadsheets regarding each shift’s agents’ working i.e. responding, not responding and offline or on break. Through daily, weekly and monthly calculations, we stay updated about high inbound visitor traffic as well as least flow for inducting the workforce accordingly. A cent per cent agent availability of agents is our prior most every day target, but we send you reports of available agents and optimize them in accordance with your needs.


Measuring agent’s adherence is something that goes on our live chat floors on hourly basis. We keep looking into comparing out agents working hours with that of their scheduled timings to build a smooth chats workflow. It’s done by applying a simple formula:

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