Actionable Reporting

Your customers are more delighted when they are heard.

Actionable Reporting

Your customers are more delighted when they are heard.

No matter how much database we collect about our system working, agents’ performance and technical support, it becomes a useless pile if we don’t use it for practical breakthrough. Every product or service development is the outcome of its needs, demand and feedback from the customers’ end.

So whatever facts and figures we gather to report any certain metric of live chat, we transfigure that into workable plans for your ongoing and forthcoming prospects. For making giant strides in your company’s growth, we keep gathering feedbacks, survey results, customers’ comments and criticism.

This is how we collect info and form that into practical reporting:

Fetching Feedback

Getting feedback from a geographically scattered audience isn’t that easy process as it seems when displayed on screens. It’s rather time taking and a tough row to hoe. Our feedback table content is gathered by following steps:

  • Proactive live chat support
  • Feedback while live chat sessions
  • Voluntary feedback forms on website
  • Feedback from customer satisfaction metrics
  • By making phone calls to customers
  • Surveys via emails
  • Social media monitoring
  • Feedback on order confirmation page

Conducting Surveys

We have got a passionate, persistent and patient survey team that rightly handles and responds to the customers in person or online. They go for quick reasonable surveys without tempering and boring the customers. Their multi-tasks include:

  • Collecting product/service feedback
  • Measuring customer loyalty
  • Conducting market research surveys
  • Taking voluntary interviews

Customers’ Comments and Criticism

After mustering all feedbacks’ essence in a hub point, we analyze. This analysis is done in easy to get humanly way. We create a simple excel sheet denoting customers’ feedback (about certain product) in response of a general questionnaire; a prior formulated benchmark. Their answers give vivid vista of your product likes, dislikes, lapses and strengths. For instance, if you’ve recently produced and launched sale of specific window blinds, built for the regions on Tropic of Cancer i.e. California, its questionnaire will go this way:

  • How effectively this product saved your home from burning hot?
  • Do you think its price tag verily goes with its workability?
  • How easy its installation was to an already built structure?
  • What will you suggest for making it even more comfort?
  • Will you recommend this product/brand to any of your neighbor or relative?

Actionable Reporting

After mustering data and briefly analyzing it, we come up with concise solutions for your product reforms and improved demand, alongside enhancing customer experience and happiness. Our feedback is in form of categorized micro reports (excel sheets) for easy comprehending and planning. This reporting is interval based, basing on your business needs and product demands.

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