Managed Chat for Lead Generation

Every single chat conversation is an opportunity for us and we never lose anyone of them.

Managed Chat for Lead Generation

Every single chat conversation is an opportunity for us and we never lose anyone of them.

Utilizing your web traffic

We can give your website visitors what they want! Constant monitoring of your website traffic and thorough analysis of their browsing behavior provides us valuable insight for building effective live chat strategies. We make sure that your website traffic is not diverted to your competitors through powerful engagement techniques. Using advanced software to track their interests, we focus on their preferences during live chat. Knowledge on their needs gives us the chance to keep them engaged with your business and convert them.

Identification of your important pages

We watch your website visitors’ every move! Our live chat agents remain updated on their position at all times allowing them to identify critical trends in their behavior. Want to know which of your website pages is doing well? Just consult our live chat services. Not only can we tell you which web pages are most popular but we can also provide the statistics on particular sections that have intrigued your visitors. Our live chat agents can gather data on responses towards various Call-to-Actions on your website too.

Proactive vs. reactive live chat

Our aim is to make the right choice for your live chat support. Whether your website visitors respond warmly towards proactive chat or prefer reactive chat, we determine their preferences with solid figures instead of loose assumptions. Depending on the results of our analyses, we recommend a detailed plan for your live chat support. This often consists of a combination of both reactive and proactive chat. We identify the ones falling in the proactive category and customize live chat scripts to capture their full attention.

Improving your visitors to leads ratio

We increase your sales by grabbing onto the chance of generating leads for your business via live chat. Maybe the majority of your website visitors are merely browsing with half interest. Our skilled live chat agents can change that in just a few seconds! We ideally use the proactive live chat approach for those who are most likely to never return to your website. Our intelligent live chat strategies engage your visitors by using data collected on their preferences as indicated by their browsing behavior. This enables us to generate a higher number of leads daily for your company. Our tactics increase the odds of them becoming paying customers.

Real time engagements with your web visitors

We don’t waste time and maintain strong engagement with your website visitors. Our live chat services are not just based on previously gathered data about your website visitors. We have devised a system where a constant stream of real-time data flows to our live chat operators. This data is crucial in determining the current trends in the tendencies of your website traffic. Our live chat agents make every minute count as they lock on visitors showing interest in a certain landing page at that exact moment. We proceed to engage those visitors and discuss their preferred products/ services in more detail. Offering them the information they seek takes them to the next step as leads.

Expanding your lead capture opportunities

Outsource our live chat services to boost your lead capture rates today. We develop and implement live chat strategies that target lead capture. We conduct a proper analysis to identify the obstacles that are preventing you from capturing more leads for your business through live chat. Our experience allows us to create unique solutions for your problems related to lead capture. You may enjoy customized live chat plans that have been tested by our live chat operators guaranteeing their effectiveness in capturing leads.

Increasing your direct sale closing rates

Take advantage of our sales expertise to multiply profit generated through live chat support. Our live chat agents have been trained in cross-selling and up-selling techniques that notably raise your order values. We can help your buyers become confident in their purchases and return for more in the near future.

Marketing data

While our live chat operators are managing lead generation, lead capture and sales on your website, they are constantly collecting value data which your marketing team can use for campaigns.

Lead information

Our real-time engagement with your leads affords us more insight about their preferences regarding your products/ services as well as the contact details we need to convert your leads.

Product features

Since our live chat agents are already tracking the behavior of your website visitors, this prepares us for meaningful discussions on product features which benefit those who we engage with.

Ongoing promotions

When one of your website visitors expresses curiosity about any of your products, we jump at the opportunity to share related promotions with them and entice them to avail your exciting offers.

Service questions

The majority of the questions our live chat operators deal with daily are about various services that you offer. We answer specific queries they have while driving them towards registration.

Value comparisons

Our live chat agents are dedicated to bringing higher value to your customer experience. We not only give product/ service recommendations but also give comparisons for firmer purchase decisions.

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