Customer Services

From answering basic questions to suggesting alternatives, we help your customers to their cores.

Customer Services

From answering basic questions to suggesting alternatives, we help your customers to their cores.

Right answers at right time

We act at the right time to help your customers. Our live chat services have been optimized for speed, flexibility and integrity. When a message comes in, we have the ability to reply within seconds while drawing up the history of that particular customer. Saving time learning about your customer’s problem spurs us towards fast resolution. That’s not the end point since we arrange follow-ups to ensure that your customer is not facing recurrence. We believe in achieving 100% customer satisfaction that increases your retention rate.

Quickest order and returns management

One message is all it takes for us to manually begin the order process for your customers. We only need to know what products they want to put in their cart. In case they are not confident in their decision, we can help them find better alternatives within their budget. Our live chat agents can even enter their shipping details for them and send them order confirmations after their payments have been processed. In the event that a customer wishes to return or exchange a product, we make sure that they receive the right product or get their payment returned on time.

First contact resolutions

We take the shortest routes to resolution. For the sake of your customers, our live operators aim to find sustainable solutions to their problems at first contact. If your customer wants to know whether a certain item is in stock, we can check your inventory and reply to them quickly. We can notify them later of that item being back in stock if they decided to wait to order it. A new customer who has trouble setting up their account is walked through the steps by our live agent so that they may move towards buying after that.

Your competitive advantage

We can turn customer support into your greatest strength! Customers will prefer to do business with you rather than your competitors just because they find you more reliable. Our live chat services are designed to offer a sense of security to your customers. We’re always quick to respond to their queries and our complaint resolution approach focuses on their convenience. We offer effective solutions to prevent problems from recurring. They will choose the company that listens to their demands and adjusts their live chat support to fit the needs of their customers.

Long term customer relations

Going beyond the necessary for their well being leads to long lasting relationships with your customers. We aim to create bonds that are based on good communication that is backed up by extensive research. Our live chat strategies are developed, tested, implemented and improved solely to satisfy your customers. We regularly carry out surveys to learn about the changes in your old customers’ preferences and ask the opinions of your new customers. In addition, we monitor their behavior to learn more about what they expect from your company. These practices afford exemplary results for live chat support.

Better customer experience

We’re always looking for ways to raise the quality of your customer experience. Besides adding your brand values for a unique feel, our live chat agents arrange A/B testing to record the responses of your customers. We keep setting new goals so that your live chat support may grow with your business.

Signing up customers

We welcome new customers to your business and assist them in getting registered in your records. Our live chat operators can manually create their user profiles and upload content if they like.

Purchase decisions

Enjoy higher sales as we help your customers make smart buying decisions. Other than explaining product features/ subscription perks, we can also make great product/ service suggestions.

Checkout process help

Your customers can take advantage of live chat to request manual checkout if they are having problems. We can apply coupons in their payment, enter shipping information and send order confirmation.

Updating user accounts

Our live chat operators are able to handle all updates to the account information of your customers as well. We maintain compliance with required data security and assure them of confidentiality.

Customer complaint center

There’s no waiting for customer complaints to be addressed on our watch. Our live chat services follow your terms and conditions while managing their complaints while guaranteeing full cooperation.

Bookings & appointments

Since our live chat support runs 24/7/365, we are always prepared to manage appointments o your behalf. Your customers may also book halls and rooms or reserve tables for all kinds of events.

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