Live Chat Consultancy

Confused about the effective live chat strategy? We are the right choice to discuss with.

Live Chat Consultancy

Confused about the effective live chat strategy? We are the right choice to discuss with.

Analyzing website traffic for live chat optimization

You want to identify the hot spots on your website? Our live chat consultants can pinpoint them for you. We employ the latest software to browse your website through the eyes of your visitors. This enables us to track pages of your website that have received the highest hits and those which are struggling to attract traffic. We create reports with accurate figures that you may cross-check and use for future comparisons. You can understand your website visitors better this way which is one of the primary goals of our live chat consultation. Then we suggest optimization strategies for your live chat feature based on this data.

Designing live chat strategies to beat competitors

We are aware of your competitors’ tricks! That’s why our live chat consultation focuses on filling in gaps that they have unintentionally left behind. We can show you how to take advantage of their weaknesses and win over the people who have been disappointed by their performance. Our live chat consultants devise plans that prove to your website visitors that you are the better choice for them. We can guarantee that your live chat operators will offer more value to your visitors than those of your competitors’. They will feel like your live chat services are convenient and informative. This will pull them closer to sales and generating revenue for your business.

Developing tactics for lead generation via live chat

People come to your website with questions. We can teach you how to give them the right answers! Our live chat consultation involves training on studying the behavior of people who interact with your live chat agents. There might be times when they want to buy a product but are unable to explain their thoughts properly. We share tips on how to interpret their words with regards to your business. Perhaps they are confused because they don’t have enough information about your range of products. Our live chat consultants share important questions that can unravel the mystery of their needs. This leads to obtaining their data and promoting suitable products of your brand.

Training programs for live chat operators

We can train your team in live chat from A-Z! By the time our live chat consultants have finished training your employees, they will be just like outsourced professionals. We arm your in-house team with the required skills for strategy development, software operation, customer data collection, report creation, database management, compliant resolution, calendar maintenance, etc. Join our comprehensive training programs for live chat support and learn how to boost your sales through a single platform. In addition, we always customize our training process according to your specific industry. It gets better! We even include your brand values, vision and promises in our live chat training. This ensures that your live chat services perfectly represent your brand.

Product knowledge base development

We help you organize your product knowledge base for live chat support. Our live chat consultancy guarantees an even customer experience which is essential for demonstrating your reliability. We make sure that every live chat operator can access your product knowledge base and retrieve the required information for the customer they are serving.

Custom live chat scripts

By narrowing down the precise features that should be included in your live chat support; our live chat consultants train your employees in the development, implementation and optimization of custom live chat scripts besides making them for you.

Training live chat agents

You can sign up your in-house customer service agents for our live chat support training program customized to your needs. They will learn all the skills necessary for handling different kinds of enquiries from your website visitors.

Live chat A/B testing

While we are teaching your employees about conducting A/B testing of processes related to live chat support, our live chat consultants can also carry out A/B testing for the relevant strategies you want to experiment with.

Refining sales approach

After an extensive analysis of your current sales approach, our live chat consultants will present recommendations that can improve the reception of your prospective buyers towards your products and services.

Data security measures

Since the confidentiality of the data belonging to your customers and company is your top priority, we can provide consultation on defensive measures including security software and compliance with data protection regulations.

Live chat optimization

Covering each kind of query separately, we can demonstrate how you may optimize your live chat feature for the best results. This includes the collection of data about your website traffic and the responses of live chat users.

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