Key Performance Indicators

We call your leads, utilise your prospect lists, generate demand, and convert most of the potential.

Key Performance Indicators

We call your leads, utilise your prospect lists, generate demand, and convert most of the potential.

For getting insights into our service level and customer satisfaction certain qualitative and quantitative KPIs need to be evaluated. These KPIs calculations include measuring external factors like Customer Satisfaction, sales and revenue against internal factors like Average Wait Time, FCR and Conversion Rate and more. This way we get to know that how much our service level is meeting customer satisfaction out there.
A research shows that 79% of the companies that render live chat support on their websites have positive impact on their sales, revenue and CSAT. As the whole process of live chat performance depends upon quick and quality service, we revolve around measuring customer centric KPIs. We calculate them and nurture them with both customers’ feedbacks and your product/service updates. For an effective live chat service we measure and optimize the following KPIs:

Average Wait Time

Before being attended by a live chat agent, customers have to wait for a while in a queue. The wait time depends upon customer’s number in the queue and the maximum number of concurrent chats that respective agent is handling. We know extended wait times result in poor CX, resulting in increased churn rate. So, together with the help of sound software and agents’ productivity, we try to maintain an average wait time of 20 seconds. With a prior analysis of peak timings and off-peak hours, we deploy the number of agents required. Our software too divides the chats equally among active agents for maintaining a standard responding. AWT is worked out by real-time analysis of queue list, ongoing chats and on floor working agents.
Its formula is:

N: Position in the Queue
X: Maximum Concurrent Number
([N-1/X] + 1): Rounds the number to zero decimal places

Average Chat Wrap-up Time

It denotes the average time an agent takes from attending a customer to wrapping up a chat. Average chat duration across industries swings between 10 to 15 minutes. Maintaining wrap-up time isn’t all that we aim for, we rather believe in rightly resolved chats. We know too quickly wrapped-up chats indicate unresolved or hasty sum ups while too long indicate untrained agents. With the help of product/service knowledge based canned responses, prior as well as on floor trainings and on floor analytics presence, we maintain an average handle time within 15 minutes.

Post-chat Wrap-up Time

Agents have to perform a number of tasks after almost every chat to process the interactions in software solutions. It includes entering new leads’ data into CRM, entering exchange notes and so on. Finding out each agent’s post-chat wrap-up time helps us measure how long does an agent take to be available for the next visitor, back in the queue. If an agent is taking too much time for post chat working that shows either some updates in automation are needed or the agents need training. Taking least time vice versa is a good sign in all regards of live chat support.

Per Day Chats Count

Finding out total number of chats per day is crucial for seamless live chat service. This gauging varies from day to day and between different times of a day. Our software keeps us updated with the number of traffic, making us aware of the higher, average and lower influx timings as well as days. Based on this study we deploy the workforce that can handle the incoming chats in streamlined accurate way. Evaluating this metric doesn’t picture our chats quality but surely conveys the visitors’ impressions on the website. This number count depicts how busy our live chat support is and which of our agents stay more occupied than the rest. It helps us making internal variations and progressions for smoother service.

Customer Satisfaction by Agents

Our software being part of all-in-one CRM solution facilitates the system to send online surveys. We utilize this service for gathering feedbacks regarding each chat agent performance. We also conduct in house chat quality surveys for checking chat standards. The agents that bring in the best feedbacks become our benchmark for further training of the members who lag bit behind in gaining standard customer satisfaction level. We also display the best chats against each team dashboard for encouraging the staff members and marking their examples as role models to be followed.

First Contact Resolution Rate

According to a research 77% of the end users feel that valuing their time is the most important thing that matters to them while being involved in some online buying process. First Contact Resolution refers to the average of resolved live chats with no escalations, no transferring and no more contacts for the same process. It is find out by dividing the total resolved chats by total number of received chats in a certain time frame. We stay updated with average FCR and detection of low rate from any team’s end alerts us for additional product training and software updates. A high FCR above all is our aim but with unmatched resolving, no hasty wrap-ups.

Conversion Rate

Calculating every day conversion of leads into visitors heralds the agents’ productivity as well as product and brand demand. These stats really matter to live chat service for providing quality and consistent support in future. It also enables us for forwarding reports to the relevant company for their further campaigns, product development and business goals. For increased conversion rate we equip the agents with the value prop of the product and train them how to trigger it from sales point of view.

Canned Responses

Pre-formatted canned responses enhance live chat productivity even more. Live chat being considered the fastest responding channel works more speedily with the help of pre-drafted responses for frequently asked queries. After deep analysis of certain product/service or brand, we come up with composed canned responses for general marketing, sales and technical responding. We keep updating and eliminating these canned responses in light of A/B Testing and in house feedback of our agents and analytics.

Missed Opportunities

We are on go 24/7, with three; 8 hours based day and night shifts. We don’t go beyond normal human handling for rendering live chat services and gear-up with all fresh team in each shift. Still there comes such times when high chat traffic ends us up on dropping few chats. We know the importance of every approaching visitor matters to businesses, so as to us. Missed chats means missing available prospects that significantly affects the business growth and brand reputation. We simply don’t stand a frequent missing of chats and on detecting even minor increase by our software, get alert for best possible measures to give it a halt.
With an updated analysis of all Key Performance Indicators, we upgrade our live chat service, which verily results in increased CSAT, lead generation and converting prospects into customers.

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