Customer Satisfaction

Our success is all about winning your customers’ hearts.

Customer Satisfaction

Our success is all about winning your customers’ hearts.

Our live chat service is meant to balance the equilibrium at highest in catering your business needs and on the other side customer satisfaction. We have been maintaining around 88% customer satisfaction since years. Our service level each benchmark is evaluated in the perspective of customer satisfaction that is our foremost goal.

We proceed with a customer centric approach, believing that every customer can be served with best responses and entertained with right solutions. We know that customer happiness plays a vital role in business world as it directly affects sales figures and brand loyalty. For keep turning wheels in rendering ideal customer service, we stay updated with your customer satisfaction level.

How Do We Calculate Customer Satisfaction?

In business terms, customer satisfaction is referred to the level of satisfaction in response of provided goods or services by a company, which is measured by number of sales and repeat buyers. We measure this metric by the practical evaluation of the following factors:

Conventional Customer Satisfaction

Traditionally customer satisfaction is measured by an increase in sales of the product that indicates that the buyers are happy with your brand. A decrease, vice versa is an alarming sign to businesses in general. But today’s customer satisfaction rating needs us to go in more nitty gritty.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS is an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction evaluation. This metric gives a direct insight into customer’s loyalty. We calculate its rating by asking a simple question like, “How likely you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or relative?” Its answers scale from 0 (Not a Chance) to 10 (Very likely). The scale marks promoters, detractors and passives. The metric is simply measured by the formula:

Real-Time Customer Feedback

We conduct a real-time customer feedback by website support service right after the chat wraps up. Through a very brief, non-bothering survey, we get to know very valuable statistics in the shortest possible time. We end up each chat with thumbs up or down response from the customer, which helps us identify our best support agents as well as the ones who are in need of trainings.

Involuntary Feedback

We also go for an uninvited feedback through our social media accounts. We know that customers’ emotional statuses vary from the process of buying to that of its experience and use. This unsolicited feedback helps us spontaneously detect many problems in client relationships that we ponder over as follow-up for CSAT.

First Response Time

Our average response time is first reply of the agent within 20 seconds. For it we minutely observe our website customers’ queue list, ongoing chats and agents’ activity. It helps us to calculate average waiting time, agent’s first response time, chat duration, number of chats conveniently handled by an agent and customers happiness. Our software automatically divides chats among logged in agents for engaging the customers. We know customers don’t feel like waiting. A quick response time means happy customer on the very first step.

Average Chat Duration

Reasonable live chat duration is within or around 9-10 minutes. Too short chat means either the agent cannot convince and is not well-trained. It also indicates a rush end of conversation. On the other hand, too long, lingering chats also indicate inefficient agents. Through effective support and guidelines, we train our staff to wind up chats promoting FCR and eliminating boring waits and halts.

First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First Contact Resolution is the prime metric for enhancing customer satisfaction. It basically refers to acknowledging customers’ needs in the very first contact and providing them right solutions. Our standard live chat FCR threshold is the time duration of ________. Through post chat surveys’ analysis, reviewing chat transcripts and customers contacting back on the same issue, we calculate this metric.

Focus Groups

For an in-depth general survey of customers’ journey, we opt for group discussions of theirs. We let them vent the way they want by an online group chat. It helps us to know their general trend, panics and overall pros and cons of your product and service.

How Do We Optimize Customer Satisfaction?

  • A direct plunge into customers’ feelings right after chat helps us focus on their needs, pain points and satisfaction level that enables us to expertise for upcoming visitors.
  • Agent ratings guide us towards the friendliest and skilled workers and we include their suggestions in training sessions for an overall upgrading of our support team.
  • Keeping in view the queue list, chats and agents’ activities we come up with the average response time of 20 seconds.
  • With sound knowledge base, on floor support and prior trainings we enable our agents to sum up chats in our desired time duration. It also helps us maintain best FCR for serving the customers with timely resolves.
  • All of our surveys end up on two main hallmarks: buyers’ retention and customers’ loyalty. Our prime aim is to maintain these two using all techniques and data base.

Customer satisfaction surveys are meant for improvements in live chat support as well as your products and services. So we never overlook any to leave behind no loophole from our side and yours.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

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