Client Data Protection

We are night watchers for your customers data. We take responsibility to protect your valuable customers.

Client Data Protection

We are night watchers for your customers data. We take responsibility to protect your valuable customers.

What is Client Data Protection?

Client data refers to their sensitive & personal information such as Credit Card details, Mailing Address, Social Security Number, and Purchase History along with the information pertaining to every Touchpoint, a customer had with your organization since the beginning of their journey.

Meanwhile, customer data protection signifies how an organization protects their consumers’ data from unauthorized access, whether it is from inside or outside the organization. Moreover, it also suggests safeguarding from other similar activities that can comprise the integrity of your company by extracting consumer data for illegal purposes.

In the present consumer environment, data protection has become mandatory for business enterprises and failure to so can result in heavy penalties as well as the loss of your consumers’ trust. Likewise, since the inception of the internet, several laws have been passed to make sure customer data is safeguarded & processed with extreme caution and the latest addition to these laws is the General Data Protection Regulation that provides more freedom to the customers regarding their data.

How we protect customer data?

A series of steps are involved to make sure customer data is safeguarded with utmost caution. These steps include following essentials:

Limited Access

We maintain a hierarchical structure to ensure that only relevant authority is allowed to access certain customer data and how they can use it to improve our services.

Furthermore, we use an automatically filled credentials system along with a two-step authentication process that allows us to make sure that our support teams can only access their profiles within the organization.

Apart from this, sensitive customer information such as credit cards and phone numbers are not visible to any of our agents during a customer service session and are automatically added to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution after a support interaction is ended, thus providing an extra layer of security to customer data.

Systems Monitoring

We actively monitor our support agents system to make sure they are not involved in any other activity other than what they are initially assigned to. Furthermore, this also helps us identify how our support agents are utilizing their time to devise better strategies.

Data Encryption

We take customer data protection exceptionally seriously, therefore, apart from the initial protection, i.e. credit card & customers phone number masking, for our support agents, we make sure that every conversation between a support agent and a customer fully encrypted.

For this, we use 256-bit end-to-end encryption, which makes it certain that customer’s data integrity is maintained completely, during & after a support session. Likewise, we only utilize support applications that provide extra encryption feasibility in conjunction with dedicated security tools to further ensure the safety of your customer data.

Risk Management Protocols

We use a combination of proactive & reactive protocols to tackle any unwanted security breach or data loss situation. Our proactive protocols allow us to be ready for any unwanted situation. Meanwhile, reactive protocols help us determine the gravity of the situation in order to take adequate measures.

Furthermore, we maintain a 24/7 technical team that is responsible for doing routine checkups in order to determine everything is operating as expected.

Finally, we routinely back up our client data to make sure that in any unwanted situation, the customer data is fully backed & secured.

Latest Customer Data Protection Law

As previously stated, the General Data Protection Regulation or in short GDPR is the latest Customer data security law, that, unlike any other data protection law gives more control to the customers regarding how companies can gather and subsequently use their data.

Regions covered by GDPR

Europe and the United Kingdom are the primary regions for the GDPR. However, due to the nature of this Law, GDPR is also being applied to other regions around the world as well.

How we, as a company is affected by the GDPR?

GDPR has made customer consent a mandatory requirement for every business enterprise in Europe & UK region. Therefore, compared to previously, we are required to have customer consent before collection of their data.

Furthermore, we as a company need to make sure that each customer understands their rights regarding how their data will be processed. For instance, we need to notify them beforehand regarding aspects such as we will monitor their activity on our site to personalize their session and offer better support feasibility to them.

Finally, if a customer feels that we should remove their data from our database somewhere in the near future. Then, in such scenario, it is our responsibility that we make sure that concerned customer’s data is fully deleted from our records within a specific time-period.

In short, there needs to be utmost transparency between organizations and customers, regarding the accumulation & processing of their data.

How do we comply with GDPR?

We believe that Security & Privacy are the fundamental right of everybody in the present age. Likewise, we are fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant & take full responsibility for our Client & Customers data protection. Out systems & carefully devised processes work on level 3 security structure where the risk of any external or internal rogue intrusion is minimized to 0%.

We love what we do & protect our stakeholders beyond boundaries by limiting our employees’ access to customer data, by adding firewall & antivirus along with an additional three-layer security protection to our server & user machines.

Data management responsibility – In compliance with the GDPR, we are fully responsible for the processing of sensitive customer data, we have collected in a customer support session

Customer Data usage information – We provide information to our user regarding data we intend to collect and how we would use it. For instance, how we use customer data to make support sessions more personalized and to scale our services in accordance with customer expectations

Customer Consent – We will only gather such customer data that they are willing to share with us to improve our services

Data breach notification – In case of any data breach, as per GDPR, we would send notifications to our clients regarding the nature & extent of a data breach. Furthermore, how we intend to tackle the situation. Customers’ right to be forgotten – In case any customer feels that we should delete their data, then in accordance with GDPR, we would delete those customers’ data upon their request.

Customers’ right to be forgotten – In case any customer feels that we should delete their data, then in accordance with GDPR, we would delete those customers’ data upon their request.

Final Thoughts

Customers are the most crucial assets of a business enterprise, and the similar case is for you. Your business’s future growth & expansion are dependent on them. Therefore, it is your responsibility that private customer details are vigilantly protected so that they are able to conduct business with you without any kind of concern.

Likewise, we are constantly evaluating our processes to provide a stateof-the-art customer support services to our clients. We achieve all of this, while simultaneously changing our approach to meet modern standards & regulations so, that our clients can conduct their business with a piece of mind and accomplish their goals much faster.

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