24/7 Availability

We are awake when you are asleep. We are available in rain or shine.

24/7 Availability

We are awake when you are asleep. We are available in rain or shine.

Ever thought how many buyers you miss and how much sales opportunities you fail to hit if you don’t opt for a 24/7 online support on your website? Being available for the customers within normal business hours are the norms gone by. In online marketing and sales, normal business hours simply don’t exist. In short, many of the customers receive flashbacks of buying when they get free from their every day routines.

Our live chat support provides 24/7 service to entertain a huge chunk of your online market. We render an online convenient shopping experience from the comfort of wherever the customers are. Our live chat support is the right tool for increased sales and revenues for your company by proactively engaging landing visitors and assisting them all the way along.

Why Our Live chat Support?

With our 24/7 voluntary team, you can always be open for info and sales, providing ultimate CX to a generation of impatient consumers.

Make them juggle through

Today’s buyers prefer multitasking. They find it easy executing day-to-day jobs, at the same time responding to the ‘ping’ sound that assures them that the agent is there. Our round the clock service enables them to carry on any bargain while enjoying the leisure time of lunch break or hanging out.

A Service where Sun Doesn’t Set

Our live chat service has got nothing to do with rising day or setting nights, it just goes on. No matter where the sun shines or where it sinks across the globe, we, through our three-shift based working hours, on toes task force and exclusive software are there with fresh support and solutions.

Kill Two Birds with a Stone

Our live chat assistance saves your company’s expenditures way less than calling, on the flip side cuts short customers’ billing too. Online chat service doesn’t put customers on holds that cause charging of money and that of frustration. Our team is readily available for them for treating them in a calm and respectful manner.

24/7 Database for Upcoming Prospects

While driving customers in your every day marketing and sales funnels, we also work on your business future prospects. We keep a 24/7 record of the following data for your upcoming marketing campaigns:

  • Referring links that drive the customer to your website, which helps us gauge whatever they are looking for.
  • We detect the operating system and devices that the buyers use, either mobile, tablet or desktop and Kernel or Android. This info lets us tailor technology and product/service that is much convenient for the customers.
  • We keep a record of customers’ browsing time on your website that enables us to dive into their interest in a pretty easy way.
  • A number count of customer’s visits proactively alerts agents who already have insights of what the visitor is checking over and over again.
  • Alongside chat transcriptions, we also record a certain visitor’s number of chats that enable agents to have a quick look into his comfort and pain points.
  • We locate customers’ cities and countries through their IP address that gives you a clear picture of your potential customers’ geographical boundaries.

Increased Sales

We believe in providing a personalized experience to your buyers and make it possible by quick analysis of the above mentioned data. Our efforts pivot point is establishing customers’ loyalty and we make it possible through our 24/7 active sales loving agents. They nudge buyers towards certain products while serving them with up-sale and cross-sale options. We know a landed customer is already interested in some buying, so rather than pushing them for sale, we use proactive triggers. By initiating such contact we help customers for a seamless decision-making; a thing today’s customers prefer to.

How We Optimize 24/7 Support?

We make it convenient for the customers to contact you round the clock, anywhere from the world, regardless time-zone. A 24/7 uninterrupted availability helps you expand your business while promoting brand loyalty and customer retention. For it we take the following steps:

  • Our analytics conduct a brief study of your business, product or service to provide the agents an instant detail for customer service.
  • We evolve a detail of FAQs on your website home page for a quick, halt-free self support. It directs the visitor toward its right interest point, while indulging the support team where it is much needed.
  • Through A/B testing and canned responses, we make our service even quicker, smoother and easier.
  • While tracing visitors’ footprints, we get insights into their interests and serve them with right options and solutions.
  • Our core systems and backup mirror systems are integrated the way one gets down, the other shows up right away.
  • We don’t believe in extra working hours that are beyond humanly capacities. Our live chat support team works in an 8 hrs convenient shift which provides the customers with cheerfully active online front desk.
  • Not just agents rather we have inducted well-trained managers as well as web analytics on each shift’s floor to assist the agents for additional support or critical solutions.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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