Verification Services

With our years of experience, we assist your professionals in verification processes on the things they doubt is genuine.

Verification Services

With our years of experience, we assist your professionals in verification processes on the things they doubt is genuine.

Outsource email help desk for background checks

You will be able to provide the best services for background checks to your clients with a little help from our email operators. The quality of your customer support can greatly increase by outsourcing email agents to assist your staff in conducting background checks. No need to regret late replies because we are there to help you answer to email queries 24/7/365. If your client wants you to go through a potential employee’s CV to scan their history for criminal records, we can be your helping hand. You can expand your capacity to carry out scans for criminal records by having our professionals working side by side with your staff.

Email customer services to verify qualifications

We can speed up the process of confirming qualifications for your clients. Our email help desk agents are trained to test out the reliability of educational and professional qualifications of individuals as provided by your clients for business purposes. When a client wants to hire a caretaker for their elderly welfare center, they are concerned about false information. Our email operators can help you ensure whether they have indeed graduated from the college mentioned in their job application and undertaken those internships. Furthermore, we can assist you in searching employee databases of workplaces that they have written. We pay attention to detail when preparing comprehensive reports on that individual for your client.

Email ticket management for credit reporting

We can help you protect your clients from a bad investment by organizing credit reports. Your staff may rely on our trained email agents to plan and conduct extensive research on the company that your client is interested in buying or investing in. We can assist your experts in gathering legal information about that business and confirm that if they have been working in line with the laws of their designated industry. Complete data on their company structure, administration, owners and shareholders will also be provided. Of course, we will include determine credit scores for that company too which reveals the level of risk it presents.

Outsource email support for document verifications

In order to safeguard your clients from fraudulent attempts to get false documents approved, our email operators are ready to work with your experts 24/7. Afterhours, we can still keep working according to the instructions provided by your proficient staff. This will save your time as well as the time of your clients. If they want to get the authenticity of training certificates and professional diplomas tested, we will follow your preset protocols to conduct such tests fairly. We understand the consequences of incorrect validation of forged documents not just for your clients but also for you as the verification company. Once all the tests are complete, our email operators create reports with their conclusions. They are only sent to your clients after your explicit approval is granted.

Managed email service desk for biometric verification

In case your client’s business involves biometrical identification, we can assist you in performing verification processes on the material that they doubt is genuine. Our email agents guarantee as response time of 15 minutes so that requests for biometric confirmation can be quickly processed into your system.

Document authenticity

You can trust the abilities of our email agents in assisting your experts in checking whether certain documents are real using different techniques and reporting the results your clients.

Criminal record search

When your client shares the profile of an individual to see whether they have any criminal records, we can help you gather information on any criminal activities they participated in.

Account confirmation

Our email help desk is efficient at checking whether all the new accounts connected to your business or that of your clients’ have received confirmation links or codes to officially register them.

Financial status report

Your clients may request financial reports of an individual or company for a certain period of time or their complete history through email. We will assist you in generating full reports on them.

Professional references

If your client wants to confirm whether the professional references provided by applicants are genuine, our email operators can help your staff look into those contacts and discover the truth.

Biometric comparisons

We’re capable of comparing material for biometric verification using the latest software that has been given by your clients to determine whether the material belongs to the claimed individuals.

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