Email Technical Support

Your customers trust your company more as we continue to give the right solutions to their technical concerns.

Email Technical Support

Your customers trust your company more as we continue to give the right solutions to their technical concerns.

Outsource email tickets management

Our timely solutions prevent you from losing customers. We don’t believe in making your customers wait for answers they seek desperately. You can take advantage of time sensitivity by providing your customers technical support 24/7 through our experienced email operators. It gets better: we don’t need more than 15 minutes to reply. Instead of the customary response time of 24 hours, your customers are guaranteed results in around 15 minutes. Why wouldn’t they choose you over your competitors? Say goodbye to lengthy queues and unsatisfied customers. Outsourcing email agents comes with several advantages as opposed to an in-house team. If you are concerned about going over budget, outsource email support which offers greater convenience at a lower price tag.

Outsource email customer services for troubleshooting

You will be able to build stronger relationships with your customers thanks to our great troubleshooting tactics. Our email help desk agents follow fixed protocols depending on the type of technical issue in each case. This saves time in applying solutions too. So, not only do we promise to reply within 15 minutes but also ensure high quality solutions in the shortest amount of time possible. The first step is diagnosing the underlying cause of the trouble. Before we assume what the true issue is, we test out our theory to avoid further damage to your customer’s system. With identification complete, we move on to developing a solution and applying it. Additional scans provide reassurance that it won’t repeat any time soon.

Managed email service desk for up to Tier 3 enquiries

We can do more than fixing bugs. Your staff may rely on our trained email agents to assist them with Tier 3 technical support. Our ability to solve advanced problems with your customers’ systems can be a crucial resource when your experts are too busy to see to such a case personally. We can remotely assess the situation of software which has stopped working or won’t accept updates. Our email agents use their knowledge of your software to locate the source of the problem. Then we follow a set repair procedure recommended by your experts or develop one for that particular case. Follow-ups are also done for such cases to ensure smooth operation.

Email support for software installation and updates

Our email customer services include the remote installation of software. We have been trained in the installation of particular software that you sell and are aware of settings that must be arranged for every customer depending on what they plan to use it for. Knowledge banks allow us to learn more about your software works so we may set it up for optimum performance for that specific purpose. This results in a higher level of satisfaction in your customers as compared to basic installation. Our work doesn’t end there! We prepare maintenance schedules for every customer who has bought your software. Software updates are also managed remotely by our email agents so that your customers may enjoy the ultimate experience with your products.

Quick email answering

The secret to our success lies in our fast replies to incoming emails from your customers. There’s no chance of delay when we have a team of dedicated email operators assisting your staff 24/7/365. Your customers trust your company more and more as we continue to give the right solutions to their technical concerns, which may be holding up the progress of their business.

Troubleshoot errors

We have a step by step protocol to guarantee that there’s no mistake in the identification of errors in the system of your customer and that the plan we develop to fix it works perfectly.

Scheduled updates

Before your customers experience problems related to the software they purchased from you due to ignored updates, our email help desk schedules and carries out software updates as they arrive.

Technical consultants

In addition to overcoming hurdles in running software, our email operators are available to offer technical consultation to your customers about which software and hardware they should purchase.

Eliminating bugs

Any time your customers complain of bugs which are slowing down their system, our email operators work fast to pinpoint them and eliminate them. We also conduct complete bug scans just to be sure.

Security protocols

You don’t have to worry about your customers’ computer systems being compromised when we set up defenses around them against different kinds of cyber attacks they may be vulnerable to.

Installing software

We excel at assisting your staff in remote installations of software which you are selling to your customers. If required, our email help desk agents can also re-install software in their systems.

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