Traditional Metrics Report

On demand team performance analytics, individual performance stats.

Traditional Metrics Report

On demand team performance analytics, individual performance stats.

Customer churn rates

Analyzing the basic metrics for the determination of your company’s progress is our responsibility. Besides sharing data about your growing customer base, we also keep you updated on customer churn rate. The parameters for this metric can be preset with your staff. We keep monitoring the customers who are leaving your business in favor of your competitors. Our customer support maintains a record of their reasons for abandonment if they chose to provide any for your review. We regularly inform you of customer churn rates for the time period that you have requested.

Reporting quality scores

Our customer services compile data for quality score benchmarks for your business. There is constant monitoring of your ads, keywords and landing pages for this purpose. We can draw conclusions regarding your quality scores before you suffer from low ranking and have to invest more without receiving satisfactory returns. Our reports on quality scores also include recommendations for the optimization of relevant elements. This can assist you in devising better plans for your ads, keywords and landing pages. It’s a direct way to ensure higher quality scores and greater business opportunities.

Net promoter scores

Depending on the time periods decided by your experts, we regularly calculate net promoter scores for your business. This involves the development of survey forms which can be easily filled out by choosing points for each question. Once the data has been compiled, we get to calculating net promoter scores. The conduction of these surveys provides us the data we need to check what population of your existing customer base is active in promoting your brand to those around them. We offer the measurement of customer loyalty for your business and how to increase it.

First contact resolution

One of the main objectives of our customer support is elevating the occurrence of first contact resolution. We can arm you with the knowledge that you need to create a brilliant marketing strategy to beat your competitors with facts. Our reports include organized data about the first contact resolution rates for different kinds of queries and complaints. It allows you to identify areas which are lacking this quality so you may produce consistency in your customer services. We are also capable of providing suggestions for improving strategies for your overall first contact resolution.

Average complete query resolution time

Although the nature of the query determines how long it takes to satisfy your customer, there are individual cases where the resolution time cannot be predicted. In our reports of traditional metrics, we highlight these outliers and point out trends in average complete query resolution time. By looking at this data from the perspective of categories, we demonstrate which of your product/ service categories are responsible for prolonging resolution time. Our records clearly show the difference between averages calculated for resolution times. This can give you an idea about whether you need to increase the number of customer support agents.

Response times

You are informed of response times during various times of the day, week and year depending on the kind of conclusions that you seek. Since it’s a major indicator of productivity, our reports allow you to measure customer satisfaction and manage recruitment.

Scheduling tasks

All the duties involved in customer support are carried out in adherence to strict schedules developed in collaboration with your staff members. Our reports help to decide how to manage incoming traffic at various hours.

Checking accuracy

We only use formulas for metrics which have been approved by industry experts to obtain accurate data for traditional metric reports. The presentation of data in charts and graphs is also optimized for accurate estimates.

Testing efficiency

The productivity of your customer services is directly related to its efficiency which we always discuss in the conclusions of our reports. We even suggest adjustments to resource management which can help boost your efficiency.

Service levels

Another measure of customer service productivity is observing service levels at different times of the day, week and year. We provide comparisons between the incoming traffic and the resolution rates of queries for your review.

Setting KPIs

Our reports about traditional metrics focus on key performance indicators that you are most interested in learning about and those that create a realistic picture about the output of your customer support strategies.

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