Productivity Analysis Report

Get to know how cohesive are we, with your goals and targets.

Productivity Analysis Report

Get to know how cohesive are we, with your goals and targets.

Measuring query response times

It’s always a priority for us to speed up ticket management system for your business. This increases your overall response time which is a major advantage of outsourcing. You may receive millions of queries each day and our email operators note the response time for each one. Recording the response time for every single email query allows us to calculate an average response time for your business. This could be included in your promotional strategies as it may contribute to your brand’s promises. Since we use tags to identify queries falling in different categories, we are capable of presenting the average response times for individual categories. We also inform you about first response time for all kinds of queries in our detailed reports.

Average ticket resolution time

Another essential metric to determine the quality of your customer support is average ticket resolution time. Of course, the time taken to develop and provide a solution varies according to the nature of each case. This metric has several variables attached to it. However, our objective is still the same: minimize resolution time. We follow tried and tested protocols built by your experts that can help shorten the time to fix a problem. Our email operators create separate records for different sorts of queries and clearly mark the queries that took the longest to resolve. This lets you know where most of the time is spent. Next to each query that took higher than average resolution time, we briefly explain the reasons for the time taken and offer suggestions for improvement.

Counting conversations per ticket

Besides time, we inform you about the number of conversations each ticket required for complete resolution. Whether the same email operator carried out those conversations or there were others involved, we make sure to add all the details for your information. Again, this is a metric that varies greatly for every ticket depending on its nature. There may be specific requests from your customer’s end which resulted in a higher conversation count for that particular ticket. Since the subject may be related to the conversation count, our email agents remember to mark each ticket with its subject and category. This may reveal information about categories which require a greater number of conversations on an average.

Number of tickets per email agent

If you want to accurately gauge the productivity levels of your email customer services, we recommend consulting the section of our reports that deal with the performance of email operators. That involves many factors as well but an easy method to check their competence is looking at number of tickets managed by each agent. We can describe this metric with regards to a given period of time and even divide times of the year. Our reports include records on the number of tickets resolved by an email agent within a week, month, year or term. This presents a big picture about the demand for email support vs. the resources that you are investing in it.

First contact resolution analysis

The matter of first contact resolution is closely related to customer experience so we always stress on it while writing reports on productivity analysis. We can show you how many tickets did not require any follow-ups for resolution. This metric is also represented with regards to subject and category for your convenience.

Manage ticket backlog

You are kept updated about any ticket backlog which can decrease the quality of your email support. We discuss the reasons for the ticket backlog, offer predictions and suggest improvement methods.

First response time

Our reports on productivity analysis have a section dedicated to first response time for different kinds of queries which can present possible correlations and assist you in developing optimization strategies.

Average response time

You may read up on the average response time of your business at various hours, days, weeks or months. We can make useful comparisons which may help you in tracking trends in your performance.

Forecast accuracy

We use reliable formulas to provide you information on forecast accuracy for your email customer services. This tells you about the demand vs. supply and prepares you for peak hours beforehand.

Benchmarking report

All the metrics that we add into our productivity analysis report for your email support are made more meaningful by benchmarking. You can evaluate your status in the industry through benchmarking data.

Customer satisfaction

Using the various metrics that are crucial to measuring your productivity levels at different times, our email operators provide you insight into customer satisfaction depending on the customer experience you created.

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