Marketing Success Report

We connect dots and analyse how successful your email marketing is.

Marketing Success Report

We connect dots and analyse how successful your email marketing is.

Tagging tickets and emails

Our email agents employ smart tactics to convenience the collection of marketing response data for your campaigns. We understand the urgency of marketing success reports so speed is prominent in our reporting duties. There are millions of incoming and resolved tickets. So, how do we manage them? Tagging! Categorization of tickets by topic or type is ideal for identification.

Our experts have devised a consistent tagging system through the use of fixed tags for particular subjects. With everyone on the same page, the efficiency of our ticket management increases significantly. It instantly clicks in the mind that a certain ticket or email is related to a particular marketing campaign. It’s a clever way to gauge the interest of your customers.

Interactions per campaign

You may be running several marketing campaigns at the same time hence the need for a reliable tagging system implemented in email support. It affords valuable data on the number of people who have witnessed your marketing campaign or participated in it. This interaction is a crucial metric to determine whether you reached your goals for that campaign or not.

Our email agents present the figures and conclusions of each marketing campaign separately. Timing is just as important as numbers. Therefore, we remember to demonstrate the number of customers who interacted with it during specific dates or time periods within our reports. You can also see how far those customers are in their journey there.

Conversions per specific campaign

We actively handle sales and signups for your business through email customer services. This makes it easy for us to quickly record all data related to conversions. Combined with our tagging strategy, this allows us to pinpoint exactly which one of your marketing campaigns has earned your company a conversion. If you have launched a new product and are currently promoting it, our email agents include a section about in our reports.

There are several important conclusions which may be derived from such data. We can measure your customers’ response towards that new release and predict future sales if you keep that marketing campaign active. You can decide whether or not you should be investing more in these promotions or discontinue that product if it is not offering promising returns.

Web traffic analysis for campaigns

Apart from studying email queries for clues to the success of your marketing campaigns, we also observe your website traffic for this purpose. Our email operators keep an eye on the behavior of your website visitors to understand their reactions towards your ongoing marketing campaigns. Most websites display their latest promotions on the top of their homepage and in less prominent areas on other pages.

We check up on the number of clicks for each ad on your website. When a visitor clicks on an ad, it takes them to the relevant page. Our email agents continue to track their behavior on that page as well. We report on clicks, sales and signups for each campaign.

Measuring retention rates

One-time sales are not sustainable and besides executing drip campaigns, we keep an eye on returning customers. We have access to records of customers, sales, promotions and email queries. Therefore, we are able to present detailed reports on conversion and retention rates of your company.

Up-selling results

When our email agents are gathering data about sales, we also update your staff on the number of sales which fall in the up-selling category and those customers who gave a warm response to it.

Cross-selling data

In our reports, our email operators provide information on orders which involved cross-selling and the customers who were willing to accept related products/ services of your company.

Landing page traffic

We believe that landing page traffic is a critical measurement tool for determining the results of the relevant marketing campaign. So, our email agents always report on landing page traffic data.

Campaign response

There are many methods our email operators employ to give you an idea of the success of your marketing campaigns including behavioral reports on website traffic and email tags for interactions.

Customer retention

In addition to making your staff aware of incoming sales, accomplished conversions and responses to marketing campaigns, our reports include details about customer retention as well.

Visitors’ behavior

Where your website visitors go and what actions they take indicates their interest in your ongoing promotional campaigns so this is a reliable metric we add to our reports on marketing success.

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