Knowledge Base Report

We report on how good your knowledge base is and how to improve it.

Knowledge Base Report

We report on how good your knowledge base is and how to improve it.

Optimizing self-care portal

We are here to fill the gap between your customers’ needs and your self-care portal. At the moment, you have set up a self-service system for your customers full of information that you believe they require. However, your initial assumptions may not have been so close to reality. Another factor is the evolution of your customer base. Our email support is in direct contact with your customers 24/7 making us well aware of their changing demands as your business grows.

We can turn your online self-care portal into a major learning center thanks to the data we routinely acquire about your customers’ behavior. There is real-time data constantly flowing towards us allowing us to remain updated on your customers’ interaction with your self-care portal and customer support. We draw conclusions and use them to develop optimization strategies for your self-service system. Our email agents fulfill the task of maintaining it through new optimization goals.

Product support community

Our email operators can assist your staff in sustaining a thriving product support community for your business. We regularly compose reports on its effectiveness and the methods we are using to improve it for your customers. The main objective here is to provide your customers with a user-driven platform that gives them the specific answers that they need. Our 24/7 email support matches well with product communities that are active day and night.

We inform you about the major topics of discussion in your product community. Monitoring the dynamic trends there can help us contribute to successful marketing campaigns for your business. Using the questions which are posted there, we can update your FAQ section depending on the most common problems that your customers are facing. The behavior of the community members lets us know what adjustments are necessary for the user interface of product support community.

Knowledge base performance

We aim to transform your knowledge base into the main learning resource for your customers. This is only possible through careful monitoring and consistent improvement which benefits your customers. The major benefit for your company which we focus on while creating reports is ticket deflection. Since we are privy to data for both email support and knowledge base, we are in the perfect position to show you the big picture.

Our email operators frequently update you on the relation between knowledge base optimization and ticket deflection. At the end of every article, we have incorporated a customer feedback mechanism to aid us in reporting. Your customers can just click yes or no for simple questions about their satisfaction to that particular article. This is how we can tell you whether or not you are achieving expected customer satisfaction through your knowledge base. We devise optimization strategies for your knowledge base to increase deflection rate resulting in higher productivity of customer support.

Common customer requests

It’s important to relay the common problems of your customers to your staff. When we keep reading the same request or question repeatedly, it’s clearly a huge concern for your customers. These are always prioritized in our knowledge base reports to make sure that they get the attention that they require.

Failed searches

If your customer is seeking an answer but they cannot find it anywhere in your self-care portal, it’s an important matter for you to resolve. That’s why we keep a section for failed searches in our reports.

Product issues

This is especially urgent for new releases because you are promoting them at that moment and have invested in them. We alert you of product concerns your customers have so you may devise quick solutions.

Trending topics

Our email agents keep updating you on the subjects which have received the greatest attention in your product support communities. This can help you measure customer response for further optimization.

Existing demands

A self-care portal is valuable for providing customer feedback to your staff. In our reports, we explain the popular demands of your customers that we frequently notice but have not been fulfilled as of yet.

Analyzing ratings

The articles and videos in your knowledge base are all rated by your customers according to how helpful they found them for their particular issue. We compile this direct feedback for improving your knowledge base.

Optimization strategy

There are several kinds of information you receive from us regarding your self-care portal. Not only does it give you insight into optimizing your self-care portal but also your products, services and customer support.

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