Customer Happiness Report

Get to know about how happy your customers are, with our services.

Customer Happiness Report

Get to know about how happy your customers are, with our services.

Designing email survey forms

Want to measure customer satisfaction? Our email support has got you covered! We recommend employing survey forms to unlock the mysteries of your customers’ minds. It’s pretty simple. Our team of email agents is experienced in dealing with customers of your particular industry. We have trained them to ask the right questions from your customers instead of waiting for them to come to us. Taking the initiative assures your customers that your brand is interested in their concerns. The survey forms we design from scratch question your customers about their satisfaction towards the various products/ services that you offer. Using a scale of 1-10, we can practically divide your customer base into segments depending on their precise responses. Open-ended questions are also included to allow them to describe their thoughts freely for things that we may not have specifically addressed in that survey.

Email query resolution ratings

Apart from your products and services, we also gather data about the performance of your customer support from the eyes of your customers. Since your email help desk is dedicated to serving them, your customers have a say in how it is run. We guarantee a higher level of customer happiness by measuring their responses towards your email customer services. Whenever we reply to a query via email, your customer has a chance to rate our assistance. It’s usually a choice between yes and no. Simplifying this aspect allows a greater number of customers to participate in ratings rather than ignoring it altogether. The ratio of negative vs. positive is taken into account during the development of email support strategies.

Managing customer complaints

Complaints act as a major source of feedback for your business and we are determined to maximize this advantage. Instead of spending additional resources on survey forms and other feedback platforms, our email operators can just listen carefully to their specific complaints. There is often a complaint within a complaint or working on a single complaint reveals several related ones. It’s a unique opportunity for us to pay attention to the troubles of your customers. While we are attempting to fix their existing problem, we also note down the more minor worries they are expressing with regards to your business. Each complaint is individually recorded along with detailed descriptions and actions taken for resolution. Tagging each case in the official reports makes it convenient for relevant experts to find them.

Analyzing customer feedback data

There’s a continuous flow of data from your customers to our email support. Whether it has been collected through our initiative or your customers chose to consult you, this data is sorted by category. Your professionals may guide us on their preferences for feedback information. We can divide it by time, topic or type. Then we began analyzing the data through different angles which you are interested in exploring. Perhaps you want to study customer feedback for a certain range of products or you wish to know which service subscription is the most popular among them. We include clear data and useful conclusions in our customer happiness reports.

Optimizing customer support strategy

After acquiring feedback data, analyzing it and creating reports, it is time to begin optimization. There are several processes running within your company and our email customer services can help you improve all relevant ones through customer happiness reports. Since they make you realize what your customers like and don’t like, we can assist you in gaining their approval.


We know that your customers wish to express their opinions on your brand, products, services and customer support. Survey forms are a great tool to collect valuable feedback from them.

Services ratings

There are various platforms where your customers can rate your services including your website and social media. Our email agents gather all the ratings in one location to calculate an average.

Product reviews

It’s time consuming to go through customer reviews on different places but our email support runs 24/7. So, we regularly read incoming reviews and add brief conclusions in our reports.

Resolution ratings

In order to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, our email operators note the responses of your customers towards all the queries that have been resolved for your business on a regular basis.

Complaint reports

We never leave out minute details present in your customers’ complaints. Our email agents always note their responses to our methods of resolution as well for writing accurate reports.

Brand rankings

If you want to know how well your company is doing against your competitors in the industry, outsource email support for frequent reports on the status of your business according to different views.

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