Conversations Report

Get to know what customers are sharing about your brands.

Conversations Report

Get to know what customers are sharing about your brands.

Identifying high-traffic hours

You might need to scale up your email customer services for high-traffic hours. This is why the identification of these busy hours that we include in our conversations report is so important for your business. We plan ahead of time to make sure that you are never caught unawares by a flood of email queries from your customers. If your business promise includes fast response to queries, you will have failed your customers in the event that you’re overwhelmed during busy hours. Our email operators are quick to pinpoint the times of the day and days of the year when you receive the greatest number of emails. We include predictions for expected traffic trends depending on the growth of your company.

Major conversation topics & tags

Our email support is like a bridge between your staff and your customers. We aim to maintain a constant flow of communication and build understanding. In order for you to learn about your customers’ preferences, our conversations report sheds light on the main topics of discussion. Once you realize what your customers’ priorities and interests are, you are able to optimize your business processes to satisfy them. We use a convenient format to improve the readability of conversations reports. You can instantly identify hot topics by our use of tags. Sometimes, your customers use short hand or acronyms to refer to different products or services, especially those which have long names. We include these factors in our conversations report so you may keep up with your customers.

Measuring conversation frequency

Our email help desk agents employ various approaches to measuring and reporting conversation frequency. This depends on your exact purpose. For instance, you may wish to know more about the conversation frequency of new customers. Perhaps your staff needs data on the conversation frequency for the entire week or month. Not only do our email operators jot down frequencies but they also write down conclusions for that particular data. This saves your time allowing your experts to get the gist of that report in a few minutes. We can also create charts to show you growth or decline in conversation frequencies over a period of time. Our email agents use color coding to represent the level of conversation frequency during different hours and dates.

Comparison between time periods

We take our conversations reports to the next level by blending in varying indicators to draw solid conclusions for your email customer services. This demonstrates the effectiveness of your email support strategies measured by the responsiveness of your customers. You can tell whether your customers are satisfied or not. The comparison of conversations data belonging to different time periods reveals how reliable they find your email support. You may want to see trends in conversations before and after a product launch to gauge the interest of your customers in that specific product. Examining the variation in conversation frequency between this year and last may indicate the level of interest among your customers.

Adjusting team schedules to traffic

The detailed conversations reports we give to your staff contain our management plans for email support as well. We explain what happens behind the scenes when we are accommodating the rise and fall in traffic. You can rest assured knowing that our flexible email operators are prepared to handle queries 24/7/365 no matter the circumstances.

Growth trends

If you want information on the growth of your business and the expansion of your email support, our conversations report can provide some insight. We can include growth charts for different time periods for this purpose.

Major topics

Learn all about your customers’ interests, behavior and preferences through the tags included in our comprehensive conversations report. You can easily notice the changes in their interests with passing time.

Busy hours

We want you to be ready to manage spikes in traffic at any hour of the day so we pay special attention to the data from your busiest email support hours. Our email agents can make suggestions for them.

Weekly charts

The weekly charts that we present in our conversations reports can inform your staff about the shift in topics as well as frequencies among different segments of your consumer population every single week.

Query counts

Consult our conversations report on your email customer services to stay updated on the number of incoming queries at various hours, days and weeks that your company is receiving from new and old customers.


You can see how our email operators manage their schedules for handling traffic for your business at specific times. We explain the division of email queries between our email agents and response time maintenance.

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