Actionable Data Report

Numbers that forecast, values that speak, and results that put a smile.

Actionable Data Report

Numbers that forecast, values that speak, and results that put a smile.

Acquiring new customers

Newcomers to your business are high on our priority list. Our email agents want to make sure that your company is well aware of their needs and that are plans in place to fulfill them. This is why we stress on actionable data reports for newly acquired customers. Just because we’re helping you run email customers services does not mean that we are cut off from other communication channels. Fresh data about acquired customers is constantly being gathered from various platforms in order to study their interactions with your business and make profiles for them. We write reports on different types of new customers depending on what products/ services they are interested in and the level of loyalty they have expressed.

Cross-selling to your customers

One of the main aspects in sales through email support is cross-selling since we strive to increase order values for the benefit of your customers as well as your profit. Your staff receives actionable data reports from our email operators regarding the details of cross-selling accomplished within a certain time period. We jot down the details of every customer who accepted cross-selling offers and divide them into categories based on products/ services. Our goal here is to inform your sales team about the cross-selling combinations that your customers were most receptive towards. On the other hand, the cross-selling pairings which did not do well are analyzed and suggestions are made to improve them within the official reports.

Up-selling your products & services

Another way for us to improve your overall order values is up-selling, which is a major contributor towards your revenue. We report on the different up-selling methods that we have tried on your customers and inform you about the performance of our up-selling strategies. Our email agents are keen to show you the up-selling percentages for these sales. We believe that this provides insight into how willing your customers are to respond to up-selling and to what extent is up-selling acceptable to them. In addition, our actionable reports on up-selling discuss the ratio of up-selling responsive segments of your consumer population and how other segments may be convinced to join them.

Your customer retention rates

Perhaps the most important actionable reports we submit consist of customer retention rates. Our email agents gather data of sales and accounts for every single customer included your records within a given period of time. If you have requested a bi-monthly report on customer retention, we scan customer records of the past two months to compile appropriate data. The growth in loyalty of each customer is clearly represented in the form of sales, registrations, subscriptions and more. We point out customers who still have active accounts but have not purchased anything after their first order. By categorizing your existing customers, our email agents provide useful information to your sales and marketing experts.

Reporting on marketing performance

There are various approaches we adopt for composing actionable reports regarding marketing. Perhaps you’re interested in learning the overall effect your promotions have been having within a fixed period of time. May be you wish to focus on a single marketing campaign whether it’s currently running or ended briefly. Our email operators are constantly collecting real-time data of customer feedback from various platforms. This accumulated data is sorted out by time or campaign as instructed by your staff. Our reporting makes you capable of measuring the effectiveness of promotions in contrast to investment.

Email open rate

Our virtual receptionists report on email open rates within particular time periods, specific marketing campaigns or segments of subscribers. This helps you gauge interest and take measures to improve opening rates.

Sales targets

Actionable reports on your sales targets are regularly delivered to your sales team. We inform you about current sales targets and the strategies being used to drive them towards purchasing your products/ services.

New interests

You don’t want to neglect your new interests so our email help desk operators gather data about their behavior in real-time and make reports for your experts including strategies to make them loyal customers.


If you are curious to know which direction your business is going towards in terms of sales and brand awareness, we can help you through detailed reports on marketing responses, existing customers and sales trends.

CTR analysis

Our email agents compile data on click-through rates for links in emails belonging to various drip campaigns that you have launched for your business. It’s easy to measure customers’ responsiveness this way.

Incoming sales

Our comprehensive reports tell your staff everything that they wish to know about the updated status of incoming sales, sales growth trends, sales within a term and the overall performance of your sales department.

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