Your Purpose

We serve your purpose and craft our strategies around it.

Your Purpose

We serve your purpose and craft our strategies around it.

Email marketing campaigns

We design email campaigns that fit the present and future needs of your business. Your brand’s values, promises and vision are woven into the email marketing strategies that we develop for your company without fail. To ensure the success of your ongoing and upcoming marketing campaigns, our email operators conduct extensive research into the behavior of your customers. We carry out feedback surveys to learn about their preferences and scan sales records to identify useful trends.

Direct sales through email

Our smart email sales techniques afford pleasing results as you surpass your revenue goals for that term. We invest our finest resources in researching the current trends in your customers’ purchase tendencies. Optimizing our sales methods through the inclusion of your customers’ interests creates exciting opportunities for us to close direct sales via email. In addition, we refine our approaches towards cross-selling and up-selling to raise order values while providing maximum benefits to your customers.

Customer complaint center

Did you know that we have a response time of just 15 minutes? Your customers never have to wait 24 hours to get a reply. This puts you in a much favorable light as compared to your competitors. Thanks to our superior email ticket management, your customers can receive effective solutions to their specific issues within minutes. From rectifying errors in billing to processing product exchanges, our competent email operators can handle it all for your customers.

24/7 technical support

Our trained email agents are capable of assisting your experts with issues demanding up to Tier 3 technical support. Since we are busy taking care of your customers’ problems at every hour of the day, your staff may rely on us during times when they are overwhelmed. Outsourcing saves your staff from turning away any customers in their time of need which may end up in them giving up on your business. We can easily manage troubleshooting, remote installations, updates and repairs.

Setting up appointments

If your business relies on good calendar management, trust us to organize your appointments flawlessly every single day. Not only that but we can accomplish this for each professional working in your company. This means that your appointment schedules are available at a central location if anyone wants to access them personally. Such a system also eliminates the chances of overlapping appointments or incorrect names. The schedule of each professional is managed separately but stored side by side with others for your convenience.

Email tickets management

You can earn the trust of your customers with our efficient email ticket management. The approach we employ guarantees that your customers don’t have to wait hours for a response since we reply within 15 minutes. Your customers can send the links and screenshots explaining their problems or queries. Our email operators are quick to pinpoint their main questions and answer those first. They are immediately relieved at the attention they receive from us and their loyalty grows as we conduct follow-ups to check up on them.

Customer database maintenance

You can save your resources as our dedicated email support can take care of the records of your millions of customers. We constantly update it as more interactions with your business are observed. Our email operators also ensure that you have their current contact information.

Product information

As our email help desk operators have access to knowledge banks containing information about your products, we are always prepared to answer your customers’ queries about them in detail.

Buying subscriptions

No matter the time, our email agents are actively replying to your customers’ questions about your services. We can compare benefits of subscriptions for them and help choose the right one.

Making appointments

We are always available for arranging appointments for various professionals working in your company with customers, vendors, partners, investors, etc. Calendar notifications are sent on time too.

Technical problems

Our email operators have been trained to deal with problems requiring up to Tier 3 technical support. We can assist your experts in searching for the root cause and eliminating it quickly.

Marketing planning

Once we have conducted research on your customers’ purchase tendencies and observed their behavior with regards to your business, we are able to help your staff in creating marketing plans.

Handling complaints

We can work side by side with your staff to manage incoming complaints from your customers regardless of the time. Our email support promises 100% customer satisfaction with follow-ups.

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