Our Process Desiging

We define standard operating procedures that enables us to streamline work.

Our Process Desiging

We define standard operating procedures that enables us to streamline work.

Assignment of email tickets

Whenever a ticket is created, it is automatically assigned to a trained email operator who is capable of identifying the issues raised in the email and providing the answers demanded by your customer. Sometimes, we have to deal with a customer who prefers to be greeted by a familiar email agent every time they send an email to your business. There is a trigger set in place by our email support team to route such tickets to the relevant person as they requested. In other cases, a specialist may be required for advanced resolution so that specific ticket is assigned to them.

Management of email queues

It is our aim to guarantee 100% satisfaction for every customer who emails your company with a question or complaint. For us, timing is a critical factor in the management of email queries. We make sure that none of your customers are left waiting beyond our promised response time of 15 minutes. We follow the first come first serve rule in order to prevent unnecessary waiting on your customer’s part. However, if our email operators notice an emergency ticket, we move them up on our priority list for queue management.

Preparing for escalations

The reason for our success in email ticket management is that we never hesitate to take action. This is especially important for queries that demand escalations. Our clear email support hierarchy and the segmentation of specializations add to the organization that escalations require for swift resolution. Once we have responded to an email and discovered that it needs escalation, we don’t waste time forwarding it. Meanwhile, we send your customers useful links, documents and information that can help them until a specialist can attend to their case.

Sales strategies for email

Our customers are trained in the kind of language, tone and format required to attend to email tickets. They have access to knowledge banks containing information on your business that your customers require. Our email operators are no strangers to the identification of a customer’s specific needs. Besides, they are experienced in cross-selling and up-selling to increase your order values. Getting an idea of your customer’s interests, we offer them additional products/ services related to the ones in their cart during the checkout process. Your customers gain confidence in their purchase decisions and leave satisfied.

Setting up tier systems

Our email customer services are based on a three tier system. Tier 1 email support answers your customers’ specific questions about your products and services. We handle their orders, appointments, bookings, billing, complaints and more. Tier 2 email support involves cases of a more technical nature which may demand troubleshooting procedures. If the problem is too advanced for Tier 1 and Tier 2 then it handed over to our Tier 3 experts. They possess the skills and experience necessary to manage quick solutions for advanced issues faced by your customers.

Defining email support roles

Each individual managing our email help desk has a significant role in its operation. Our team of experts works like a well-oiled machine following the tasks that they have been assigned and forwarding cases too advanced for their skill level to a specialist who can help your customers.

Flagging emails

Among your incoming emails there are those that demand advanced care or deal with time-sensitive issues so they are flagged and assigned to the email agent most capable of handling them.

Response times

Our organized email help desk runs efficiently without wasting the time of your customers or your company. We guarantee a response time of just 15 minutes and remain available 24/7/365.

Priority cases

Every email that comes into your inbox is not a special case but every once in a while there is an emergency. We follow a fixed protocol to deal with it competently and push it up the ticket queue.

Automation setup

There is a list of reliable software that our email customer services employ for the collection of data, analytical procedures, development of strategies, implementation of plans and measurement of results.

Protocol design

Our email operators are capable of building protocols for relevant business processes from scratch. Then these are tested out before being optimized for the satisfaction of your customers.

Managing sales

We are trained in the execution of sales strategies which our experts have developed to entice your customers into buying your products and becoming repeat customers of your business.

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