Our Training

Our resources are extension of your team, you would simple love what they do.

Our Training

Our resources are extension of your team, you would simple love what they do.

Our in-house training programs

The high quality of our email customer services is a testament to how advanced our employee training programs are. If you want to leave the job of teaching appropriate skills to our email operators to our industry experts, you won’t regret it. Our in-house training techniques impart traits such as speed, flexibility and focus. We thoroughly guide our email agents until they have mastered problem-solving for your particular business needs. By the time our employees graduate from in-house training, you will not be able to tell that they have never worked for your business.

Training by your experts

We welcome the training of our email help desk operators under the supervision of your coaches. Since they have experience representing your brand, we believe that our employees will gain valuable knowledge about your company from them. As you introduce your brand culture to our employees, they learn to adopt it completely. This guarantees perfect integration of our email support into your existing customer relationship management system. It results in rewarding cooperation between our email agents and your internal staff. This allows them to move as one while managing your email customer services.

Simulation training strategy

Our email operators never crack under pressure because we have instructed them to perform exceptionally in simulations. They are accustomed to facing difficult situations which are not uncommon in email support. While our employees are being trained for a certain client, they undergo simulations which recreate complex scenarios especially those related to customer complaints expected in that industry. They are prepared to handle a disgruntled customer who is demanding their money back after being sent a defected product. Our email agents understand how to calm them down, process their return, send feedback to the right people and ensure that they leave with a good impression.

Mentorship opportunities

You might be concerned about attention to detail because we have a large number of recruits. We fulfill our promise of first-rate training by assigning mentors to email operators-in-training. Our mentors are intimately familiar with the industry your company is involved in. Their experience allows them to input their knowledge into the email support strategies that they are teaching their mentees. Since we remain updated about the latest conditions in your industry, our mentors are able to adjust their mentorship accordingly. You can rest assured that the professionals handling your email queries are sufficiently capable.

On-the-job training system

The sharp gazes of our experienced supervisors are always on the virtual receptionists. Every single case is reviewed by them personally so there is no chance of mistakes. Whenever an email agent creates a response or piece of content, their supervisor scans it and suggests improvements. The email agent rushes to make the adjustments to increase its value for your customers. Only after approval is gained is the message sent ahead. All of this happens within a few minutes. As you will recall, speed is one of our top priorities in employee training.

Incentives for employees

To boost the drive of our email operators-in-training, our company regularly offers them great incentives. They are constantly seeking better ways to accomplish tasks connected with email customer services. As long as they are doing their best, your customers will always be satisfied and your business will continue to thrive.

KPIs for training

Besides devising effective employee training programs for email support, we are constantly monitoring the performances of our trainees using key performance indicators specifically designated for it.

Personal development

While we encourage teaching your brand culture to our employees, we also pay attention to the ethical codes they must adhere to as professional email agents. Their personal skill levels are regularly measured by us.

Professional progress

At every stage of the training progress, we grade our employees in different tasks they are supposed to do as email agents. Their progress reports show their position for each skill that they are learning.

Employee commissions

Our employees are motivated to rise among the ranks of their peers at all times as they are given rewards based on how far along they have come in their ambition to become great email operators.

Building teamwork

We teach and test our employees to develop the best teamwork abilities in order that they may seamlessly integrate with your internal staff to provide top notch email customer services for your business.

Managing escalations

A major aspect of email support that requires teamwork and decision-making facilities is the management of escalations. Our employees are rigorously instructed in hierarchy and flawlessly handling escalations.

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