Your marketing campaigns

Your marketing efforts are our source of work that’s why we love to know everything about it.

Your marketing campaigns

Your marketing efforts are our source of work that’s why we love to know everything about it.

Your drip email campaigns

The purpose of your drip campaigns is to keep your customers engaged with your brand no matter what stage in their journey they may be. There are new customers whom you welcome by giving them a sneak peek into your offerings. Those who have been away from some time or are facing expiry dates are sent reminders. All these emails are meant to drive them towards sales, which is our area of expertise. Our email operators can collaborate with your marketing experts to devise more effective drip campaigns.

On-boarding email campaigns

Winning an email subscriber is not enough for your business so you have arranged an entire strategy for maximizing your on-boarding opportunities. A customer who has created an account on your e-commerce is soon sent product recommendations according to their browsing behavior. Our email help desk can help you gain even more advantage from your welcoming strategies. Since a new customer may not be that familiar with your business, we design email templates that give them a brief yet exciting introduction to your brand. This allows them to learn more about your products/ services and their curiosity increases.

Outdoor marketing campaigns

Besides your online digital promotions, you are always busy coming up with eye-catching outdoor marketing campaigns. Most of the research conducted for planning, developing and launching these outdoor campaigns is accomplished indoors. Our email customer services can assist you with all the tasks required from the inception of an outdoor marketing campaign to its execution at a suitable place and the right time. Customer feedback is one of the main contributors for such strategies. We can easily create online survey forms for different population segments and conduct them as per your directions.

Digital marketing campaigns

You have hundreds of customers each at different place while travelling towards sales. Some have already purchased from you but have been inactive for a considerable period of time. Then there are those who have products in their abandoned carts. You employ various email marketing strategies to win them over simultaneously. In order to increase your population of active customers, our email support can offer assistance to your staff. We are capable of designing templates reminding customers that the items in their abandoned cart could be sold out soon. For the inactive ones, we can send emails with phrases like “we miss you” or “redeem your coupon”. Trust us to help you with all digital marketing for all types of customers.

Seasonal email campaigns

Before the holiday season rolls in, your marketing professionals put their heads together to make a special promotional campaign with a holiday theme. Your customers are often in the mood to spend some money on self care or buying presents for loved ones so you capitalize on the holiday spirit. There is an added burden on your staff during such seasons. Outsource email operators to help your experts in developing and launching seasonal campaigns. While you handle the main responsibilities, we can monitor the performance of your marketing strategy, gather valuable data, analyze results and create reports for your experts.

Referrals marketing campaigns

Announcing rewards for customer referrals is always a smart tactic to ensure greater sales for your business. You develop plans for fair compensation in return for referrals at different levels for your loyal customers. Our email agents can assist you managing referral rewards and new customers coming in as a consequence.

Inbound email tickets

Your email ticket management system for inbound tickets may seem efficient but outsourcing 24/7 email support can reduce your response time to 15 minutes and expand your resolution capabilities.

Product inquiries

Your email customer services are equipped with the training necessary to reply to product queries from your customers. We can make an improvement by handling queries afterhours for your business.

Discount coupons

There is a greater chance of your customers turning towards sales with the attractive discounts that you offer. We can manage email templates for spreading news of latest promotions and coupons.

Renewing subscription

Those of your customers who had previously subscribed to particular services your company provides are eventually sent renewal reminders. We can schedule such emails to your list of service subscribers.

Mass email marketing

Your email operators employ suitable software to carry out mass email marketing increasing the efficiency of your promotional campaigns. We can assist you in developing content and scheduling emails.

Drip campaigns

Your staff has to work hard to identify customer segments, gather data, design templates, create content and schedule emails for drip campaigns. Our email agents can help them with every component involved here.

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