Your Customer Workflows

We adapt how you work and suggest strategic changes that add values.

Your Customer Workflows

We adapt how you work and suggest strategic changes that add values.

Email ticket management system

Every business wants to offer speedy email ticket management to its customers. You already have a good system that treats your customers well. Think for a minute though. What if you could turn this good into something better? You want to increase customer loyalty and boost retention rates but that might be difficult with your current strategy. Outsourcing email support could be exactly what you need to accomplish this in a minimum amount of time. We apply optimization techniques to your existing email ticket management to extract the best results.

Response times

Are you satisfied with your email response time? Moreover, ask yourself whether your customers are happy with it. Since you have professionals taking care of your customers’ queries as fast as possible, you are providing them high quality solutions. However, you might be compromising on time-sensitive cases. Not all of your customers can afford to wait for 24 hours. What if you could promise your customers replies within 15 minutes? Outsourcing will make it possible for you to ensure that while maintaining the effectiveness of the solutions you offer.

User permissions and controls

Another matter that demands your attention at the right time is granting user permissions. There are millions of customers asking for access to controls of certain features of your software and applications. Is your current system convenient for handling all these customers’ permissions simultaneously? Try our user permissions management plan designed for the email requests you receive daily. Our automated system improves your efficiency and makes this process a lot simpler than before for your staff.

Software and apps to use

In order to set the software and applications you employ to carry out necessary tasks according to an appropriate schedule, your staff has to spend considerable time and energy. They take care of required updates and handle repairs whenever a technical issue arises with any of them. This routine can be made less harsh on your staff by outsourcing email support. Instead of risking delays due to malfunctions, your experts may rely on our email operators to run and maintain software 24/7/365.

Scheduling engagement activities

Your marketing team collaborates with your email support to develop and execute plans for engaging with your customer base. There is a proper schedule you must follow to reap benefits later. In addition, there is plenty of research to be carried out on your customers’ behavior during the planning process. This is where outsourcing email agents can be advantageous for your staff. We can conduct comprehensive research as you experts direct while helping your staff with creating engagement strategies. Our email operators can work 24/7 to schedule engagement tasks.

Managing conversions and product sales

Your sales team uses updated data to develop powerful strategies to generate greater sales. They rely on software to measure the results of their efforts and further employ this information to optimize their sales approach. Outsourcing can reduce the time and effort it takes to reach your sales goals. We have trained email help desk agents who can assist your sales team in organizing regular tasks required to manage sales operations. Leaving your experts free to invest more time in sales strategy development will yield higher revenue.

Existing FAQs and Knowledge banks

Your staff works hard to maintain FAQ sections with updated information for your customers who are seeking answers to basic questions about your business. They are also competent at building knowledge banks. Your email support may be overburdened with queries to give these tasks enough time during busy days. We can share their burden by assisting your email operators with updating FAQ sections and knowledge banks.

Tickets software

Outsource email help desk operators to help improve your existing email ticket management system by managing your ticketing software 24/7 and shortening response time to 15 minutes for each query.


It may be too much work for your email support to maintain your FAQ sections. Outsourcing can give them more time to handle core operations while we regularly update your FAQs with accurate information.

Self service

Our email agents can help your staff deal with self-service submissions from your customers. We develop sustainable solutions by employing a long term approach towards self-service submissions.

Ticket submitting

When your email help desk is overwhelmed by the number of incident forms they receive, our virtual receptionists can assist them in attending to the tickets submitted for resolution.

Tickets assignment

Your email support can shorten their response time with a little help from our outsourced email operators who can take over the duty of assigning the tickets submitted by your customers.

Resolving complaints

We can help boost your customer retention and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every complaint you receive by assisting your email support in developing and providing timely solutions.

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