Order Processing Service

We acknowledge customer query, locate their order and walk them through checkout without any hustle.

Order Processing Service

We acknowledge customer query, locate their order and walk them through checkout without any hustle.

Outsource email customer services for taking orders

We manually take orders without wasting a single minute! This is a necessity because your customers don’t have a fixed time to place orders. A makeup artist may suddenly need a foundation for an upcoming fashion shoot scheduled for the subsequent week. They don’t want to get fired for their job just because they couldn’t place that order on time. Our email help desk agents are active 24/7 to handle orders. We can quickly note their query, locate that particular foundation, walk them through checkout, confirm their order and send them tracking details. There are also times of the year when your staff is overburdened. Many sellers would have come out with special limited edition holiday collections at your e-commerce store. Your customers might be desperate to get their hands on limited edition items from their favorite brands. Maybe they want to buy all their Christmas gifts online. We can take on the incoming orders.

Email ticket management for returns and exchanges

Our email support works with the motto of zero queues. Your customers will never have to wait for a reply until they give up on our watch. Most customers are already dreading the return/ exchange process because it is time consuming. We respond to their request in only 15 minutes! In no time, our email agents will have put them at ease and manually handled the entire list of tasks for them. The considerate attitude we exhibit builds a sense of reliability and trust in your customers’ minds. In turn, this increases the chances of them becoming repeat customers. It also contributes to the prevention of explosive situations especially where damaged goods are concerned. For instance, if a customer has bought an expensive massage chair from your online store but it has turned out to be faulty, they are in no mood to hear excuses. We apologize when the company is at fault and work fast to have their payment returned.

Managed email service desk for handling pre-orders

Our email support for pre-orders boosts your reputation as a company that is willing to go the extra mile for its customers. We don’t want you to lose business if you don’t have an item in-stock at that moment. In case the item is temporarily out of stock, your customer is added to the notification list for customers who are waiting for that item to be restocked. Whenever a new collection/ product is about to be launched, pre-orders are opened sometime before the official release date. Following a first come first serve approach as per your policies, our email agents take pre-orders and confirm payments for them. If you allow unavailable items to be pre-ordered on the special request of a customer, we can assist you with that as well. Our email operators note that particular request, for instance a book, and forward it to your relevant staff members. We keep your customer informed about the status of shipping until it lands on their doorstep.

Outsource email help desk for resolving billing problems

We ensure that your customers never feel cheated or suspicious of your company which is common in online shopping. Our email help desk agents reply to billing enquiries within 15 minutes and expertly solve the issue to remove any doubt in the mind of your customers.

Checkout assistance

Since there are several steps between selecting products for an online shopping cart and checkout, our email agents are prepared to take your customers through the whole process one step at a time for their convenience.

Current promotions

While your customers are discussing the products they want to buy from you, we add value to their shopping experience by informing them of current promotions you are running related their chosen products.

Setting up accounts

For first-time users, we pay extra attention to even the simplest processes such as setting up accounts for purchase. We assist them in adding details to their user profiles and confirming their account on your website.

Product comparisons

Our cross-selling and up-selling techniques are handy when carrying out product comparisons for your customers. We explain the features of potential purchases and help them choose the best products for their purpose.

Invoice concerns

Before your customers have to return a wrong product added to their cart, our email agents address the issue prior to shipping. We fix any incorrect information in their invoices and recheck order details.

Handling returns

There are many customers who wish to return products which have not fulfilled their requirements despite high expectations. Whether they want an exchange or their money back, we process it fast.

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