Drip campaigns

Rather than number crunching, we dive deeper to come up with the quick and longterm solutions.

Drip campaigns

Rather than number crunching, we dive deeper to come up with the quick and longterm solutions.

Drip campaigns strategy

We can persuade your customers to take the actions you want through our drip campaign strategies. You’ve put a lot of effort into getting your customers this far. We are capable of assisting your experts in formulating plans for your automated campaigns. When a customer keeps visiting your web page about membership offerings, for instance, they may receive an email that contains the great experiences of existing members. A customer who has placed items in their wish list on your e-commerce store could receive an email reminder that they could be sold out soon.

Prospects list management

You can save your resources by assigning our email operators the task of compiling prospect lists for your business. We will create prospect lists for various services/ products depending on the traits you have defined of your target audience. Then we can incorporate these prospect lists into your email marketing campaigns as directed by your marketing team. We can manage the distribution of these prospects into different categories for your convenience. While our email agents are working on your drip campaigns, we can sort these prospects based on their potential for conversion.

Email templates and content

Each email template in your drip campaign can be customized for its exact purpose personally by our trained email operators. Our precision contributes to the quality of your marketing efforts. Whether you are trying to get sales from your new or old customers, trust us to design the perfect template. We are skilled at creating content that hits the target every time! Our content pushes your customers to take the appropriate action. In contrast, content for on-boarding emails provides new customers information on your brand culture, values and promises. We make them feel excited about what’s in store for them.

Frequency of emails

Producing stellar content for email and effective email templates is not the only task we are good at. Our email help desk takes schedules for drip campaigns very seriously. We believe time is the deciding factor for whether your customer is spurred to act or not. Everything is automatic so we control the settings of time for every email sent to each of your customers. Since we divide all your customers into specific groups you have the same goals, the efficiency of your drip campaigns increases a great deal.

Drip campaigns reporting

It’s all a game of numbers so our virtual receptions never make any conclusions without consulting confirmed figures collected from your drip campaigns. We constantly monitor every single process set in motion for your drip campaign. Data is obtained at different stages of your drip campaign to measure progress and effectiveness. Suitable software is employed to input this data and get solid results on its true performance. This enables us to organize the essence of all that information into concise reports for your experts so that they may benefit from our accurate findings.

Outsource email customer services for action confirmations

The automated drip campaign system we set up for your business is directly linked to any actions your customers take that reflect their interest in your products/ services. For example, if your customer has subscribed to your newsletter, they receive a confirmation email instantly thanking them and giving them a sneak peak at what to expect.

Offering recommendations

This is for customers who have bought products from your brand or saved some of them in their wish list. Emails are sent to them containing suggestions for related products that they might like.

Membership renewals

Before their membership expires, your members receive email notifications informing them about the upcoming expiry and guidance on how to renew their memberships for more benefits.

Delivering notifications

We deliver real-time alerts for activity related to your customers, which can divert them towards your website or application pushing them to explore more of your products and services.

Departing subscribers

Our email support can even turn unfortunate circumstances into opportunities for your business just like with unsubscribing customers who are sent an email telling them of all that they will miss.

Educational content

Existing customers can take advantage of any courses that you provide for special customer training or just basic learning. We create and send emails about them to your customers at the right times.

On boarding emails

In order to make your new customers feel appreciated and become more familiar with your brand, we send them welcome messages which often contain special discounts for their first order.

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