Email Customer Services

We are not satisfied with just good. We aim for great customer service.

Email Customer Services

We are not satisfied with just good. We aim for great customer service.

Outsource email help desk for customer queries

We can help you become a business that gets rave reviews of their customer service. Isn’t that one of the top factors a customer looks for while shopping? Our customer service approach is the strongest because your customers lie at its center. We are not satisfied with good. We aim for great! When a customer doesn’t have time to have a proper conversion with a customer care representative on the phone or through live chat, email is their first choice. Our experts develop strategies to capitalize on such needs. Our 15 minute response time is the cherry on the cake!

Email ticket management for complaint resolution

We are aware that delayed response is the quickest way to lose a customer. It’s ironic but our professionals have built a plan for customer service around this fact. Our superior ticket management policy minimizes the chances of frustrating queue formation. We can maintain your company’s reputation for exceptional complaint resolution which is bound to increase customer retention rates. By focusing on the solution and taking responsibility, we pull away your customers from the offensive mode. We offer them suitable compensation for the inconvenience they suffered as per your terms and conditions. Follow-ups are carried out to ensure satisfaction.

Email support for appointments and bookings

Outsourcing email operators to handle bookings is the answer to many worries faced by hotels, restaurants and similar businesses. Even when your business is closed, we’re managing reservations of tables and bookings of halls. This keeps your customers happy and brings in steady profit to your business at an affordable rate. Likewise, consistent calendar organization is essential for medical practices, salons, automotive companies, etc. Since there are several professionals working at the same place, you will benefit from all appointments being arranged by one group of virtual receptionists.

Business email management

It’s our job to sort through your incoming email and mark each one according to your set priorities. Your in-house team can work more efficiently if their burden of email support is shared by trained email agents. After all, there is plenty of spam and sometimes even important emails can be found in the spam folder. You will never have to fret over a missing email again! We create and maintain your email contacts so that you won’t have trouble searching for specific business contacts. Allow us to send emails to your partners, vendors, customers and relevant authorities on your behalf.

E-commerce email answering

Let us answer the bulk of emails received daily by your e-commerce store. Besides the users who are already selling their products through your e-commerce website, many new people are applying to become official sellers. Our email operators follow your protocol to send them appropriate replies and deliver their profiles to your experts for approval. As for your customers, we can assist them in placing orders at any time of the day. Our help is often needed during the holidays and whenever you announce sales at your e-commerce store.

Outsource email customer services for order management

We welcome new and old customers alike to your business and go about taking orders for the items that they are interested in. Whether you are selling internet services or kitchenware, our email help desk agents actively assist your customers in checkout, payment, returns, account updates, etc.

Availability enquiries

There are a number of emails you get everyday about products which are supposed to be in-stock or those that customers expect you to sell. We can provide information on particular products quickly.

Managing pre-orders

Depending on your company’s policies, even if an item is not in stock, we take your customer’s request to pre-order it for them. We keep them updated on shipping and delivery time until it arrives.

Handling bookings

Your customers can easily book rooms while travelling to a foreign place through our handy email support. They are made aware of availability and your policies according to their requirements.

Organizing calendars

Not only do your customers benefit from our efficient organization of your calendars but your employees also find it convenient to meet important people for business at suitable times in their schedule.

Billing and payment

Before your customer gets upset about being overcharged or extra items being added to their invoice, our email operators can step it to solve the issue and offer their complete cooperation in billing support.

Subscription renewals

We are able to notify your existing customers of pending expiry dates of their subscriptions well before time and discuss their plans for future renewals so that they may keep doing business with your company.

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