Cross-selling and Up-selling

We add a personal touch to cross-up-selling strategy resulting higher sales and greater order values.

Cross-selling and Up-selling

We add a personal touch to cross-up-selling strategy resulting higher sales and greater order values.

Managed email service desk for personalized cross-selling

We add a personal touch to your cross-selling strategy guaranteeing higher sales and greater order values. Our email support accomplishes this by placing your customers at the center of our plans. There’s nothing random about our cross-selling strategies. Our email operators access your customers’ order histories and significant interactions with your business. We make solid conclusions based on this data. It tells us everything we need to know about which products and services your customer has shown interest in or bought in the past. Perhaps a customer has an abandoned cart containing the product they wanted to buy but couldn’t be convinced to purchase previously. We drive them towards that sale and make it more enticing with another product that goes well with it.

Outsource email customer services for targeted ad placement

It’s not necessary for us to apply cross-selling techniques at checkout. Our email help desk uses your customer relationship management data to direct suitable ads at your customers. We don’t push products at them that they don’t want to buy. Our email agents are already aware of where their interests lie. If you run an automotive business and your customer just bought a car from you, there are great opportunities for you to sell related products or services. For instance, when we send them blog posts about car maintenance, there could be an ad about your engine maintenance alerts on that page. We could also send them emails about special offers on car maintenance services that you provide.

Up-selling strategies for your business

Our virtual receptionists don’t rely on aggressive up-selling methods. Instead we use a fresh approach that demonstrates our sincerity towards your customers’ needs. This earns us the trust of your customers as we are always clear about the prices involved. Rather than pushing products at them, we ask them questions about their current or latest purchase. Perhaps a hairstylist has just bought a hairdryer for their personal use and is undecided about an expensive hairdryer for professional use. Once we understand their particular professional requirements better, we can show them what a good long term investment that expensive hairdryer is for their business. We explain the features of that hairdryer which appeal to them and may not be present in the one they currently use for their clients. They end up buying it of their own volition.

Research on sales trends to up-selling

Since our up-selling techniques are based on concrete data on your customers, we focus on trends. Basically, our email operators track the previous behavior of your customers while they were interacting with your products and services. We identify purchase patterns which reveal the specific segment of your customer base that responds most favorably to up-selling. These are the customers who regularly generate significant revenue for your company so we target them particularly. Our email support comes up with methods to increase their loyalty that prove rewarding for them at the same time. We dive into their sales records and determine which products being sold at that time would best fit their preferences.

Email campaigns for existing customers

Research into your customers’ older purchases is an integral part of the strategies we develop for up-selling and cross-selling. Perhaps a customer has bought a cheap laptop but they left a poor rating for it because it didn’t fulfill their needs. We can suggest a more expensive laptop that contains all the features they wanted but the price made them hesitant before.

Raise order value

Since we target the customers who are most likely to spend more on your products/ services, our email agents are able to increase the order values generating greater profit for your company.

Customer benefits

While our main goal is elevating order values, we never compromise on the satisfaction of your customers. In fact, we accomplish this feat by paying attention to your customers’ requirements.

Comparing prices

Most customers are too intimidated by prices to look further into a product or service. Our email operators talk to them about the features which justify the price tag and show them how it could benefit them.

Track sales trends

Our email agents can make effective up-selling and cross-selling plans for your business which are based on the trends we notice in your customers’ preferences as evident with their purchase patterns.

Customer history

We are constantly gathering data about your customers’ order histories and their reactions towards newly released products. This allows us to focus on their interest and ensure higher sales.

Easy solutions

Instead of trying to sell a product you are currently promoting, our virtual receptionists target your customers with the products related to those that have already bought or given attention to.

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