Resolution Rate

Rather than number crunching, we dive deeper to come up with the quick and longterm solutions.

Resolution Rate

Rather than number crunching, we dive deeper to come up with the quick and longterm solutions.

Email resolution rate means the rate at which average of tickets are being resolved or answered with solutions, within a certain time frame. Maintaining mean resolution rate with highest quality resolution is a rather difficult scale to balance. Worth paying heed point in this regard is determining customer expectations of response time and this is evaluated in comparison with the specific product or industry.

In SAAS Industry resolution rate is a key metric that depicts the overall working of a certain project’s support desk. Keeping in mind customers’ comfort, we prefer quality over quantity in this regard, but don’t forgo quick responding. Regardless observing FCR, we aim for a 95% resolution rate within couple of hours’ turnaround time. Our email resolution rate time threshold is duration of 24 hrs.

Importance of Resolution Rate

Finding out resolution rate directly indicates the performance of many metrics like FCR, agent performance, CSAT, CX, NPS and so on. A high resolution rate means quality production of all these metrics that rightly impact customers’ happiness. Percentage result of this metric tells us the success story of resolving tickets and gauging the achievement of Service Level Agreement.

How we Calculate this Metric

Through daily updating of data in stacked bar chart, regarding closed and unclosed tickets, against each rep’s account, we come up with average resolution rate; daily, weekly and monthly. It is measured by a cut and dry formula. For it we take the number of email requests received in predefined time span, subtract the number of unresolved requests from the same time period and divide that number by total number of received requests.

How we Optimize this Metric

Resolution Rate varies depending upon the product and brand, especially how you define your desired resolution rate. However, we optimize this metric keeping in view the following measures:

Agent Performance Benchmark

Suppose our stacked bar chart shows the weekly resolution rate of two reps; one who resolves a predefined number of tickets quickly, while the other with comparatively low pace. Rather than number count, we dive deeper to come up with the answer ‘How’. By analyzing both agents’ responding, we come up with the criterion that brings us returns in loyal customers and increased sales.

Product Knowledge Base

Our analytics conduct a thorough study of your product and form a sound knowledge base to be saved in system for reps’ support. This data is saved using keywords to be recovered within a matter of few clicks.

Proactive Live Support

Our each project’s help desk team is backed by analytics and senior support agents to provide the instant best solutions. They make it sure that even critical queries get resolved within our predefined threshold.

Canned Email Messages

We know responding with solutions takes time but sending alerts is quite easy. For it we evolve canned email messages to respond to each query within first 15 minutes. We then move to systematic classified actions for personalized resolved solutions.

Extensive Training

No matter how much product knowledge we save in our system for reps assistance, it doesn’t work if we don’t train them side by side. As soon as we get certain product’s campaign, we proactively start training our agents. These training sessions not only include product/service or brand features but also best use of personalized greetings and responding.

Fine Linguistic Command

One of our main hiring criteria is right command on the language. For it the candidates for email support have to undergo online language tests, with a follow-up online interview and then a confronting interview. This process makes us sift their linguistic commands to nurture as well as weak ends to polish.

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