Quality and Accuracy

Understanding the query and responding accordingly is what makes our support stand out from the crowd.

Quality and Accuracy

Understanding the query and responding accordingly is what makes our support stand out from the crowd.

Our email support service besides being rapid in responding and resolving, outshines in quality and accuracy too. Since years we have been making hallmarks in rendering an email service while maintaining above 90% perfection. For ensuring required outcomes in service level, scanning the email message and evaluating its text standard is imperative.

We know that it is increasing demand of growing businesses to opt for instant and faultless email support as it verily affects the CSAT scores, FCR and many other crucial metrics. We believe in steady and seamless email responding and ensure this by proactive troubleshooting and real-time analysis.

How we Calculate and Optimize this Metric

Resolving 90 out of 100 tickets with absolute accuracy requires nerves-wrecking rummaging. We constantly click-open each resolved or unresolved ticket for constant pondering, analyzing and improving. This is how we create picture-perfect email bodies for dropping off in awaiting customers’ inboxes.

Spell-check and Grammatical Flaws

Unlike informal writing, email content should imprint the art of writing in a rather professional way. We know a simple email body is a convoy of words that conveys brand and product quality and overall company’s image. Let aside active spelling check, grammatical errors and formal sentence structure options in system, our email support content (both instant and customized responses and direct spontaneous replies) undergoes the quality check of senior reps and then off to analytics. They make sure that the errors may not get repeated by counter-checking each agents responses and also sending them alerts vis-à-vis.

Create an Impact

Alongside finding out problem, we also judge the tone of the customer’s email. We know responding with right solution is not more than enough, if we ignore the way we reply. We keep monitoring the emails standard against an updated benchmark template to ensure that they either not get too formal to be understood or chatty to go beyond purpose. For it we train our reps through interval based tutorials and enable them for freehand natural responding that may fit the need of varying situations.

Statistical Reviews

Our recruiting process is way technical that gives us clear insights into reps linguistic edges and pitfalls in the very first interaction. We use this analysis for further trainings and observe agents productivity on single platform i.e. observing predefined number of chats of each agent and then comparing all agents’ chats interactions. This way we come up with a real impression of individual agent working and of team as a whole. This statistical scoring is displayed on each agent’s dashboard and on analytics dashboards too. It drives us towards pinpointing best interactions for using as benchmarks, rewarding the right reps and also fine tuning the weak ends for any further nipping of evil in the bud.

Anonymous Checking

Yes, we do it too. Our senior reps and analytics conduct random, mysterious email contacts with the active support team. This way analysis is damn transparent insight into each reps performance.

Right Responding

Understanding the query and responding accordingly is what makes our support stand out from the crowd. We know wrong or tangled replies make end users go crazy and even cause churn out. Our approach leverages no compromise on quality and for it we invest our reps with sound product knowledge. We train them the way they memorize your brand and product features on their finger tips. For critical or technical query our analytics are always there for reps support.

Ensuring Polite Responding

Our standard email body commences with a greeting and recipient’s name and bottom line request to go for more questions if stay unresolved. We make our text expressive enough to make readers feel sublime and well-attended.

Quality over Quantity

We know haste in responding only goes waste. We think before leap and don’t stay stick to handle times while overlooking quality responding. We know right resolutions means loyal customers while poor quality hasty corresponding is the traditional humdrum that usually goes vain. For sure, we deploy additional support to fix unusual influx but that too with right responding.

Post-shifts Trainings

We try to maintain best quality email content by aligning training with expectations. For it we keep measuring other metrics that reflect the email support performance like CSAT, CX, Customer Effort Score, NPS and FCR.

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