Email Open Rate

We make customers feel attached with your brand through our service.

Email Open Rate

We make customers feel attached with your brand through our service.

Open Rate is one of the email marketing metrics that measures the specific subscribers’ interactions with email server in response of certain campaign. These campaigns are conducted against certain company’s business needs and product promotions. The email open rate varies, depending on the content and relevancy of the subject with customers’ concerns. However, a healthy open rate is in or around the range of 20-40%.

After careful data mining and analyzing customers’ trends, sending mass emails quarterly or bi quarterly increase around 20% of your revenues. For it we design the email format, conduct A/B Test and cast mass emails to your existing potential customers to increase their lifetime value and also acquiring new customers, keeping in view an estimated influx.

How we Calculate this Metric

Email open rate is the average of the subscribers who click-open an email campaign, which is expressed as a percentage of non-bounce totals. The average is obtained by following steps:

  1. Dividing the total number of tracked open emails by non-bounce total to get assumed opens per delivered email. For example, if 75 of 100 emails we send don’t bounce, and 25 of them are tracked as open, we receive 0.33 opens per email.
  2. Multiplying the number of opens per email by 100 to get open rate percentage. For example, the open rate of 0.33 opens per email is 33%.

How we optimize this Metric

A careful testing of email content, its templates and its engaging strength on each platform gives us minimum of 35% open rate on an average. Plenty of errors are feared while triggering a mass digital message to your customers’ inboxes and this is how we optimize it.

Engaging Subject

After foraging your product features we evolve spontaneous content to catch the eyes as well as minds of the recipients. Before launching message, we make them undergo certain testing to come up with a standard engaging content.

Personalized Addressing

We make customers feel attached with your brand and our service. For it, we opt for customized greeting and addressing that start with the customer name. It is sent with individual name of rep, not from a firm for many of the emails that go from a company’s name are mostly discarded, marked as advertising.

Organic Content

We don’t want our messages to be dumped in trash boxes, so we create innovative, interesting and informative content to grab reader’s attention. We know today’s buyers are much into interaction with every day marketing campaigns, approaching in their inboxes, at doorsteps and everywhere. So we go out of the way to form an email body that delights the sight as well as sense of the receiver.

Ideal Launching Time

Before final launch, we come up with the right time. We do it after brief updated study of our prior marketing campaigns that mostly indicate to activate the message on weekends; a leisure time for streaming and buying.

Avoid Hard Sell

Our campaigns avoid traditional promotional techniques of sales calls. We don’t send emails that look like spam e.g. text that include the words like offer, free, sale, rich or deal.

Classifying Lists

We go for an email blast for the categorically listed audience. We do it by grouping similar recipients depending on brand, purchase or last interaction. We believe in engaging, attracting and selling to the potential customers automatically improves sales by making them brand loyal and a reason for increasing NPS.

Update Listing

We keep updating your customers’ lists in light of received feedback regarding inactive subscribers or emails with hard bounce rate. It proves effective in two ways: improving open rates and reducing cost for not emailing the subscribers who won’t respond.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

We format our message the way it is clearly displayed through mobile phone screens. A rough estimate depicts that 74% of smart phone users click-open emails via cell phones. So we never commit sinfully wrong mistake of avoiding such a hulk of audience.

Together with the help of delightful messaging techniques, updated CRM for target audience and best marking times, we attain the highest possible Email Open Rate.

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