Net Promoter Score

Knowing number of customers is not enough, know and improve what they think about you.

Net Promoter Score

Knowing number of customers is not enough, know and improve what they think about you.

Few of the convincing stats about outcomes of referral marketing are; potential customers are 4 times more likely to buy a product when referred by a friend, 83% of happy customers are always willing to provide referrals and lifetime value of referred customers is 16% high.

NPS is one of the KPIs that is used to measure customers’ loyalty to certain firm or brand. Conducting its survey is vital because your happy customers are more likely or you may say definitely recommend your brand in their direct or indirect social circles. It undoubtedly increases your sales, driving more buyers into the funnel, taking leaf from the ones who refer you.

How we Calculate NPS

We conduct NPS calculations in following ways:

NPS Surveys

For it we target a group of loyal customers and their number count rightly goes in comparison with your overall market or customer base. We make it sure that this number is large enough for statistically meaningful results. Surveying every customer is an unrealistic approach if you run a large business, so for you surveying a subset or sample of your customers will be good enough as it saves time and money. In case of smaller businesses, we recommend surveying all customers with aim of getting as many responses as possible.

Benchmarking the Right Number

We generally go with an expected response of 250 customers with a 10% acceptable error. For obtaining the required number, we survey a large number of customers. We guess a response rate of 15% and using invitation equation, survey 1700 customers. If you just don’t believe in number game then with an assumed 15% of response rate we expect the responses from 250 customers out of 1700.

Customizing NPS Survey

Typical NPS survey across the globe consists of the following question, “How likely you would recommend our product/brand to a friend?” with a graphic rating from detractors to passives and then promoters. However, we customize it to suit your brand or product use with any of the following options:

  • Friend or colleague
  • Friend or family
  • Friend
  • Colleague

For a valuable survey report we keep the following things in mind:

  • Knowing number of customers is not enough, so we look into your customers prior buying activities and come up with the ones who represent you or are connected to your brand.
  • We conduct a regular NPS Survey after the interval that fits your needs and also doesn’t drive your customers crazy.
  • NPS is a long-term measure of customer loyalty therefore we don’t conduct frequent surveys. The best rule of thumb for it is to survey as frequently as we can respond.

Surveying Real-time Inbox

Customers convey real pains while sending emails and we don’t ignore noting those right from the heart issues. No matter what problems they are facing i.e. late replies, irrelevant answers, lingering resolutions, late troubleshooting or senseless robotic replies we highlight them. We sort them into categories regarding department, product or brand and forward them to relevant support. In case of grave repetitive issues, we undermine the core problem, resolve right away and make updates in our self support portal if needed.

How we Optimize NPS

  • After a brief analysis of end users problems, we come up with rational solutions, make updates in our automa tion and also in the supporting content saved for our reps.
  • After updating our service, we conduct surveys to get feedback regarding certain issues that were conveyed from the customers’ end.
  • If the problem roots with your product, we send you a transparent report with collective number of complaints for your follow-up.
  • For a recurring issue, we evolve proactive support on the relevant product page.
  • Reducing customers’ effort to the minimum is our priority and for making it possible, we contact them even after a problem is resolved.
  • For a seamless feedback, we keep updating the format and content of our NPS survey structure.

Our sound experience in rendering email support has enabled us to conduct best NPS surveys with returns of even more connected lot with brands, coupled with handsome revenue.

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