Agent Utilization

Our teams are smart and work in an optimised manner to give you maximum output.

Agent Utilization

Our teams are smart and work in an optimised manner to give you maximum output.

The email service desk is labor-intensive function where headcount matters the most. Agent utilization simply means counting the productivity of invested resources in comparison with number of tickets and outbound emails. The factors that affect this metric are amount of project, workload assigned to agents, service desk operational hours and scheduling efficiency.

Alongside being obsessed with customer satisfaction, we stay haunted by keeping check on cost too. We also believe that a high agent utilization results in higher turnover, absenteeism and lower morale in the service desk. So we proceed with an extra 10-15% more capacity to support intensive hikes in the number of tickets and maintain 80% agent utilization for cost effectiveness.

Significance of Calculating this Metric

Every business out there aspires to achieve the sublime quality at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, working out average of agent utilization in comparison with cost per ticket is primarily important. If agent utilization is high, cost per contact will likewise be low. Contrarily, when agent utilization is low, cost per ticket will be accordingly high. Labor productivity is therefore the most impacting lever to handle service desk working and cost.

Rating Agent Utilization

Calculating this metric is rather complicated as it involves various factors like working hours, break times, vacation, leaves, training period and many other variables. We just don’t dive into that depth and work it out through a simplified formula:

How we optimize this Metric

Agent utilization directly affects many other metrics, so we keep optimizing it in effect with all those for rendering a top-notch support.

  • Benchmarking your desired service level, we optimize agent utilization. If you opt for a quicker response time then we deploy clockwork of agents accordingly.
  • Our standard response time is within 15 minutes and we schedule our reps the way we maintain this criterion during peak hours and off-peak timings too.
  • Our software proactively supports reps with automated responses, being generated out of A/B Testing.
  • We also provide a backup of customized responses regarding your product to convey the resolution as quickly as possible.
  • Our analytics stay updated regarding your product, especially before the launch of any new campaign from your end. It provides a sound resource to reps that can be easily accessed using certain keywords and tools.
  • Our software queues the emails in two categories for general and then personalized responding i.e.

a) For sending an instant alert to the customers that their query has been received (within 15 minutes).

b) Forwarding acknowledged solution with a request of asking if the query still remains unresolved (within 2 hours).

With scheduled shifting, well-equipped and alert reps, sound software support and proactive analysis, we provide idealized solutions without painful waiting times. We believe in personalized customer care and stay alert for rendering service the way it delight the nerves of each and every curious mind.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

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