Prospects List Utilization Reporting

You will get to know how many were converted and how much work was done on a single prospect.

Prospects List Utilization Reporting

You will get to know how many were converted and how much work was done on a single prospect.

Generating leads is a way easy process but driving a marketing qualifying lead to that of sales is something that brings you at wits’ end. Let aside bucks, it also involves trends, competitions and above all customers’ emotions. No matter what texture, technology, design or art you have gathered to manufacture a sole product or service, its sale and promotion caters expanded strategies to adopt. To leave your competitors behind in the dust demands for ensuring customers that you have evolved the product that is rightly meant for them, and finally promoting their lasting trust on you. This is what we do after mastering your business needs, mustering your product knowledge and minding your customers’ sentiments.

How do Companies Source Prospects?

Businesses sources prospects through their CRM, marketing campaigns (digital or conventional) and from sold data of the other companies. Each source counts, no matter if it’s a billboard, an online ad or a certain product’s landing page. It gives an overview of customers’ traffic to be utilized or work on. Regardless source, what matters to us is to sink into customers’ needs and serve them an easy going buying process.

How do we Convert Leads?

Converting lead calls for lightning quick action; just like a magnet attracts iron fillings as soon as they are scattered around. If we won’t do, the others will take away. The customers driven into our marketing funnel through outbound calling are targeted via call centre, web forms, emails and live chat for the sales process. Our lead conversion process is a wide range of ventures to leave behind no loophole for bringing in profits from your potential customers. “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs. It all goes with getting right psychology of the customers and for it we take the following actions:

Pleasure Driven Motivation

Our tactics are never meant to manipulate or hypnotize buyers, rather just give them what they need. We do it minding that all desires in human minds are pleasure driven. Even marathoners indulge their bodies into misery as for them pleasure is an outcome of treading on the ways. But we know not every being out there is triggered by that tough process to attain pleasure. Before shooting a marketing message, we first get what influences our customers; knowing their norms of pain and pleasure.

Logical Approach

Suppose a customer is in need of buying a car comfort and we offer them some home appliance, won’t it be something really irrational and deviating? We track the customers with reasoning that is often based on our knowledge base, CRM and web analysis. In our marketing campaigns we just don’t add what we are offering with whatever price tag or features, we rather mention how the offered product is going to be fit for the buyer like a king.


We would have been living into caves, wearing hides and bushes and consuming raw meat if we hadn’t got built-in curiosity and plug-ins to newness. Yes, we enjoy seeking for we believe something hidden has got the possibility of reward around the corner. This is why thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses and companies produce new models and versions of their products, though with slight additions. It generates novelty and this is what we do. We don’t opt for prompt marketing posts; we rather keep things subtly hidden that provoke curiosity in the customers.

Tell a Tale

Age old artifacts, crafts, miniatures and other historical sites depict their stories and origins even if they existed long before the evolution of languages. Human beings have been conveying their stories since thousands of years. Why? Because stories trigger emotions and we, social animals are the salves of emotions. Stories give a wakeup call to sight, hearing, taste and movement, which means experiencing what you are listening to or reading about. This is what we go for. We relate the products and services promotions with every day stories, so the customers may take a prior insight into how the certain product is going to serve them in real life.

Easy Going Solutions

We all are in haste; want to get things done, even before they’re said. The fast-paced gadgets and at threshold web services have turned us into agile animals who look for instant pleasures. What we have come up with is that customers choose the quickest service and easily accessed products. They don’t go for linger on, boring buying. So we give our audience what they want: seamless solutions at front line while directing them towards the end results.

Make Buyers Stay Tuned

Our campaigns and promotions commence with teasers, with a follow-up of tweaked publicity. We start disclosing your product by fragmented broadcasting of its features, way before its real launch. It invokes interest and excitement, promoting delightful feelings related to the product.

Make them Feel Standing Out

Not everyone out there is interested in a certain product, so what matters to a business are its potential customers. How about receiving a call, email or SMS right after you landed on a certain website or clicked an online add? Special, important and cared for! Isn’t it? This is what we do. We make prospects feel significant by tracing their landing sources and by instantly approaching them through our ideal customer service.

Create Community

We make our prospects feel home by turning them into our community. We offer them with some relevant product at relatively cheap rate right after they end up on buying your product. We also involve them in cross-sale or up-sale process for making them familiar to your product. Our aim is to develop customers’ loyalty by making them feel connected with your brand.

Facilitating FAQs

Many of the prospects don’t jump into sales funnel before they get quite clear about what they are about to buy. For it a compact but minutely detailed FAQ works. Our website, call centre and live chat set ups are embedded with clear features of product/services and actionable process of buying even returns.

How We Utilize Prospects?

 As soon as we receive a list of leads from your business, we assign our workforce with tasks of contacting them. Our first contact criterion is duration of 1 hour, which means contacting all the prospects; notify them about products/service and at the same time promoting the sales. We publicize your product to those prospects too who walk in and are there in our own CRM record. We take this step after thoughtful analysis of those leads prior involvements in buying processes. We go for a 5 times trial based contacting plan, which includes the following interval-based steps:

  • Contacting the prospect within one hour
  • Making a phone call an hour later
  • Contacting the prospect after a week
  • Fortnight reminder through SMS
  • Sending a configured email after two weeks

We believe this five-step action plan works. In case it doesn’t, we take that lead as dead one and don’t input anymore efforts for its conversion. Our prospects list utilization reporting is carried on in two steps.

Per Day Reporting

Our every day trial ends up on a second calling on the same day. After it, we generate an updated reporting for you. This reporting enables us to gear up for the upcoming strategies and provides you per day analysis of customers’ conversion and sales activities.

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