Outsource your Technical Support

We learn your apps, software, products, and resolve technical issues during first contact.

Outsource your Technical Support

We learn your apps, software, products, and resolve technical issues during first contact.

Remote software installation

We can handle advanced software installations for your customers. Our customer services include up to Level 3 technical support backed by special training and years of experience. Moreover, our virtual receptionists are available 24/7 to take care of remote software installations. This has to be done carefully with full attention which your staff may be too busy for. Whenever you are overwhelmed with requests for technical support, you may trust us to execute such installations perfectly. After the whole process is complete, we give your customer instructions for using the software to avoid problems. We can also do follow-ups to check how the software is running.

24/7 troubleshooting services

We’re prepared to fix system errors for your customers at any hour. Since we work remotely, our technical support agents can get started right away when they receive a case. This is how we increase your resolution time raising customer retention rates. If an e-commerce website has checkout issues, we rush to assist your staff in getting it back online. We ensure that your customers’ businesses are not disrupted for long due to technical faults. In addition, our team eliminates the root cause of the errors and makes your customers aware of them. We scan their systems to check for related issues and prevent future occurrence.

System updates management

Your customers never struggle with software updates on our watch. Our technical support creates schedules containing the dates and times of required updates for each customer who has purchased software from your company. Since major updates often demand a shutdown of other activities on that system, your customers are informed of such appointments beforehand. We find convenient time slots to install updates necessary for the proper functioning of their computer systems. During such updating processes, the input of your customers may also be needed to finalize settings of that software according to their purpose for using it. These details are discussed with them before we get started.

Maintaining security system

Safety is the priority of our technical support. Our trained experts survey your existing system before selecting security software for it. We can remotely install it for you and access your security panel to tweak the settings optimizing them for your business. Besides that, we can offer consultation on virtual defenses tailored to your particular needs. You may rely on us in the event of a security breach. We begin locking on the culprit as soon as you notify us while patching up the compromised area. As for your customers, we can manage the same for their businesses. Our technical support complies with pertinent data protection regulations to keep their private information confidential.

Application and software support

We have the right answers to your customers’ queries! Outsourcing technical support provides you 24/7 assistance from a group of dedicated professionals who have backgrounds in the software industry. When your staff is burdened by incoming queries, you may hand them over to us. Your customers feel like we’re part of your regular technical support team and trust us. The information we share with them about your software and applications drives them towards sales as their decisions solidify. Those seeking help with fixing bugs or setting up applications are given quick solutions earning you good ratings.

Up to Level 3 technical support

Our technical support can assist your staff with the smallest to the most complex queries from your customers. There’s nothing too complicated for us to handle. Afterhours, we can hold the fort for your staff tackling up to Level 3 technical difficulties. Your customers may get practical solutions from us through live chat, call or email.

Product billing

If your billing system has a glitch your customers may have a hard time checking out with your products. Your staff can get instant help from our experts to solve the problem to continue making profitable sales.

Product testing

Before your products are available to your customers, we can help you by testing them out. Our training enables us to identify issues in your product and suggest strategies to improve it for ensuring its success.

Eliminating bugs

Our timely assistance can save your customers’ systems from malfunctioning due to bugs. You may ask us to take over when you’re occupied elsewhere. We conduct bug scans and efficiently eliminate them for your customers.

Safety measures

You can confidently rely on our expertise in security systems to protect your company’s data records which also contain private information of your customers. We pinpoint weaknesses in your defenses and strengthen them.

Installing software

Since your customers may require software installation at any time, our technical support agents are ready to remotely carry it out for them 24/7 in your absence. We also adjust software settings for their business needs during installation.

Remote updates

There’s an entire setup in our technical support to manage software and application updates for your customers. We can schedule updates for your products and handle them remotely for optimum function.


You cannot predict when your customers could require troubleshooting for the software and applications they have purchased from your company. Therefore, we are always ready to assist your staff with troubleshooting cases.

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