Hire Us for Sales

We call your leads, utilise your prospect lists, generate demand, and convert most of the potential.

Hire Us for Sales

We call your leads, utilise your prospect lists, generate demand, and convert most of the potential.

Inbound sales

Our customer support utilizes closed-loop reporting to generate digital profiles of your prospective buyers. When we interact with them, we identify which buyer persona that particular person identifies with most closely. We are skilled at pinpointing primary goals of each prospective buyer. Our sales strategy involves prioritizing their primary requirements and keeping their secondary interests for a later time. We give them the information they need to make confident decisions about their purchases. Thus, we ensure a higher number of closed sales for your business in any given time period.

Cold calling

We are skilled at writing cold calling scripts. Your cold call stands out among the competition with our refreshing greeting and precise brand introduction. Our polite call operators add a personal touch by expressing concern for the convenience of your prospective buyers. Instead of aggressively pushing products/ services their way, we explore their problems and encourage comparisons with other brands. For us, it’s all about their needs which can be fulfilled through your business. If our call operator is promoting therapy services, they add warmth to their questions and offer ways to improve the mental health of that person through your medical practice.

Prospects lists utilization

We can build prospect lists for your business. Let us search local directories to preserve your internal resources. You may assign us tasks such as locating target markets for particular product categories in your business. Once the list is ready, we can call those prospects and make follow-up calls to share more information about your brand depending on what has ignited their interest. If someone has signed up on your website, our call operators can talk to them about the products/ services that they have expressed a desire to learn more about. Our call support agents use your prospect list to generate leads and drive them towards conversion.

Lead nurturing and follow up

The first step of our lead nurturing strategy is lead scoring. We can gather data about lead interactions and pinpoint exactly where each lead stands in your buying model. Our industry experts check lead fit, interest and behavior with regards to your products/ services. Then we move onto content marketing and use market automation to boost efficiency. In the awareness stage we may call your leads about the action they have taken with regards to your products or services. We schedule calls in a manner that constantly keeps your leads engaged with your business without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, we study buyer personas to customize call scripts for all your existing leads.

Sales strategy development

Achieve higher sales by outsourcing call support. We are active 24/7 to ensure that your generated leads are captured on time. Our customer services collaborate with your sales team to design tactics to boost conversion. Since your buyers are already more than halfway to purchase, we give them the last push the need to make a decision. Watch your revenue increase as we elevate your order value by up-selling and cross-selling techniques. We guarantee higher chances of repeat sales by optimizing the sales process for your buyers’ convenience.

Monitoring sales operations

We’re constantly trying to improve sales strategies for your business. Our call support agents keep observing your sales operations and create reports on the results of various sales strategies. This allows us to optimize future sales strategies to generate higher sales and increase retention rates for your company.

Take orders

Our call operators can assist your staff in order management through calling services optimized for your customers’ specific needs. We can handle returns, cancellations and pre-orders as well with a single call or follow-ups if necessary.


We have a group of skilled call agents who have been trained in up-selling techniques. We share products with different features and prices with your customers. Then we point out how the expensive one is a better buy.


You’ll notice a measurable rise in order values for your business with our answering services. We accomplish this through cross-selling where give your buyers information about related products/ services offering good value.


While closing sales, your customers may face problems with their invoices, chosen payment methods or confirmation of payments. Our call operators can help your staff take care of such issues with timely solutions.


Whether your customer has received a faulty product or their package was damaged at customs, we can assist your staff in resolving their complaints. Our call agents’ aim is to satisfy your customers for repeat purchases.

Sales training

Our employees undergo sales training before they manage call support for your business. This involves education about various sales techniques, mistakes to avoid and simulation training to gain experience.

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