Customer loyalty program management

We develop your loyalty reward programs and manage them by taking and dialling calls.

Customer loyalty program management

We develop your loyalty reward programs and manage them by taking and dialling calls.

Improve customer retention

With more and more mediums of communication like tweets, facebook pages, emails, calls, independent product community platforms and digital franchise etc, your customers are more connected with you than ever. Customer loyalty is something that can never be guaranteed and its always earned. Customer loyalty programs are one the best strategies that can be used to enhance customer experience and build stronger relations with customers. This whole setup is expensive to implement and mange. Our call center solution provides fully managed support to reward programs which includes taking calls and dialing outbond calls to customers and providing complete information about the loyalty reward points and about how to redeem them.

Our managed loyalty programs keep your customers engaged and retained which increase their average lifecycle and value. Net promoter scores, average satisfaction rates, and returning customers ratio tend to increase if your customers are engaged with your brands and are looking forward to their reward points when they refer your products, buy more products, and record their testimonials. Eventually our managed loyalty reward programs create your brand advocates who not only speak of your products but also provide examples of fair usage.

Our checklist for a successful loyalty program

Identify aim of loyalty program

We work with you and discuss objectives of introducing a loyalty reward program. It can be either customer retention or customer experience or customer lifecycle or it can be value of average customer life.

Determine target group

Your business may have different target audiences for different products. We work on your customer database and prepare lists of customers for whom reward program is. We analyze their buying behavior and devise our strategy which is focused and targeted.

Ascertain benefits of loyalty program

While keeping in mind your budget constraints, our loyalty program experts decide about the values and other perks of program. Our aim is always to optimize your budget and engage customers with creative ideas.

Devise reward mechanism

The most important thing we do in a professional way is to develop processes and supply chain to deliver reward program. We include digital mediums while deciding about steps to follow in order to claim reward points. Our mechanisms optimize our efforts through which more and more customers are engaged with less cost.

Allocate budget

We develop cost effective ideas and engage your customers with less cost and more reach. We know how to limit budgets and produce results without affecting your core operations. Our clients trust us and we cover everything on their behalf.

Personnel and technology requirements

We are flexible in terms of human resources and deploy them when extra staff is needed. On the other side we are specialists in developing hard and software technology mix that support our creative loyalty program ideas. We develop facebook apps, games, sharing mechanisms, and other necessary technology that help us viral our marketing message produce measurable results.

Choose communication channels

Today’s customers are more connected as ever before. They can connect with your brands through social media, product communities, calls, emails, and live chat sessions. We utilize every channel of communication and optimize our efforts of spreading the message.

Analytics and result measurements

We collect big data through different communication channels and run through data mining techniques. We deploy smart analytical tools and result measuring technologies that support centralized data collection and analysis.

Program success KPIs

We develop unique metrics to track the success and progress of our ideas and your aim of program. We prepare customized reports on every communication channel and set goals. Our benchmarks speak loud and our quality work can be tracked through KPIs.

Schedule program review

In order to optimize investment, we always schedule program reviews on the basis of launch, growth and maturity. Our expert opinion finds out channels that are producing more results and then we route investments towards that channel. This does not mean we ignore other channels instead we optimize our efforts and your budget allocations.

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