Centralized CRM

Every single conversation goes to one place that create ease for every department.

Centralized CRM

Every single conversation goes to one place that create ease for every department.

Data from your calls, emails, and live chat sessions is stored in a centralized system where anyone from customer support department can work on any lead with complete information.

Cloud based customer relationship management tool

We chose live chat software, email ticketing system, and call center management tools that can be integrated with centralized CRM where assignees can add comments, mark urgency, escalate any ticket, and send any live chat transcript to relevant persons who is always informed about what has already been done on that specific ticket, call, and email.

Every single lead or issue can be tracked because customer support team can access every single bit of information on any specific ticket or issue and can then take that issue form that point. Centralized customer support management makes it easy for higher management to see daily or on demand analytical reports with single clicks.

Benefits of centralized CRM

Your customer speaks through multiple channels like product communities, social media, email tickets, phone calls, and live chat engagements. We suggest a common interface that convert every interaction in to useable data.

Access to information

Every participant form customer support department can access data and start work if any ticket, message or activity is marked urgent. Best thing is that you can track progress of every single lead and issue at anytime.

Improved customer relations

With easy access to customer issues and progress tracking on their resolutions, we are always on the move to improve customer relations. Your customers are more informed and updated on your new product moves.

Cross sell and up sell

If you know any specific customer’s behavior, then you are in a better position to cross sell and upsell your products. Centralized CRM makes it easy for customer service operators to understand needs and possible cross sell and upsell opportunities of existing and new customers.

Better internal communication

If anyone takes off from customer support team who was assigned some leads or tickets, then any volunteer can start working on them because customers don’t want to know that their resolution is late because someone is absent. Centralized CRM builds productive teams.

Optimize marketing

Careful analysis of data collected through calls, emails, tickets, and other product communities not only streamline product updates but also helps a lot in planning new marketing campaigns.

Superior customer experience

Your customers don’t always have to explain their issues again and again if they called at first hand, then send an email or contacted your chat support team. Our support agents always proactively send customized greetings and inform your customers that we are aware of their issues and working on their resolutions.

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