Your Own Customer Service Center

Outsource customer support for your business and give your customers an opportunity to connect with you, no matter if its day or night, rain or shine.

Your Own Customer Service Center

Outsource customer support for your business and give your customers an opportunity to connect with you, no matter if its day or night, rain or shine.

Managing orders & appointments

We’re equipped to manage your calendars 24/7 the entire year! Even if you are on a vacation or your office is closed during the holidays, we won’t disappoint your clients. We are aware of their urgent needs. They may make quick appointments via email, phone or live chat services. If a traveler is stranded in a foreign country and they want to a book a room at your hotel, they can just dial your number. Our call operator will handle their booking in case the rest of your receptionists are busy on other lines. Imagine a distressed bride types in your live chat feature afterhours to reserve tables at your restaurant just a couple of days before her wedding’s rehearsal dinner. We can reply within seconds and accommodate her request as per your event reservation policies. Outsourcing customer support is particularly advantageous for e-commerce stores. Customers can place orders 24/7 so we’re prepared every minute. We assist you in taking incoming orders, walking customers through checkout, registering new users, processing payments, managing product returns, offering technical support and appeasing complaining customers.

24/7 technical support for business

Our customer support agents possess the capability to resolve technical problems remotely. Whenever your customers face an issue related to page loading speed or glitches in features, we can step in to provide quick solutions. If you are running a software company, you may rely on our expertise to handle the hundreds of technical queries you receive daily. We can assist your staff with customers who have trouble running your applications and software, which they are using for their businesses. Our help desk operators are able to access their software settings remotely and tweak them according to their particular purpose for purchasing that software. Since we offer up to Level 3 technical support, your experts can trust us with remote installation of software for your customers. Troubleshooting is an integral part of our technical support for software companies. Our training allows us to identify the underlying problem and repair the system of your customers to reduce the chances of error recurrence.

Handling customer complaints

100% customer satisfaction is the top goal of our customer services. By following this approach, we apply our customer interaction training practices to complaint management for your business. You can rest easy knowing that we prioritize the satisfaction of your customers no matter how difficult their case may be. The first step in our complaint management strategy is quick response. In live chat services and call support, we respond to your customers within seconds. When it comes to email, we help you beat your competitors in customer care by replying to emails within 15 minutes instead of 24 hours that others require. If your customer has received the wrong model of a kitchen appliance, for instance, we are fast in sending a replacement for them and processing the return of the wrong item. Any compensation that we offer to unhappy customers is in line with your terms and conditions.

Customer database maintenance & security

Win your customers’ trust by outsourcing secure customer services. Our policies for data management for your business are in full compliance with the regulations set by the concerned governing bodies. Whether we’re maintaining your customer records or processing payments, you may rest assured that your data is kept confidential.

Answering queries

Your customers may learn more about your products and services through our customer support agents. They may discuss various features that are suited to their needs in order to purchase the perfect product or subscription.

Managing calendar

The calendars of your professionals can be maintained by our help desk operators who are quick to update them with appointments made through the phone, live chat or email support. We handle cancellations and rescheduling as well.

Resolving complaints

Not only do our virtual receptionists respond fast to your customers’ complaints but we’re also trained to provide effective solutions for the specific problems your customers are facing and prevent repeat occurrences.

Handling orders

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store or offer subscriptions for your services, our customer support agents can assist your staff with orders and registrations 24/7 the whole year. We can manage renewals and returns too.

Collecting feedback

You can greatly benefit from our ability to conduct research for your business and gather valuable feedback from your customers. We can even assist you in developing strategies for your business using this data.

Marketing strategy

We’re well-versed in creating and executing marketing plans involving outbound calls, email promotions and social media campaigns. Your staff will always have a helping hand in marketing your business.

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