Security and Monitoring

Outsource secure customer services for business

Security and Monitoring

Outsource secure customer services for business

Industry guidelines compliance

Need industry-specific customer services? You’ve reached the right place! Every industry has its own set of rules that must be followed. For instance, the health industry demands complete confidentiality of patient records which are in the possession of medical practices. Our customization for your particular industry extends to security. This is one business component that is strictly monitored by industry associations so you don’t want to lack in it. Our customer services can assist you in adhering to the safety principles of your industry. This applies to internal security as well as external security. We can help you ensure that your business operations are not compromised and that you don’t lose the trust of your customers.

Software to prevent data leaks

Hire us to patch up holes in your data defense today! You don’t want to end up with a serious crisis on your hands. Our customer services revolve around prevention being the best step to guarantee the safety of your business. That’s why we strengthen your data protection mechanism against digital attacks. Rely on our experience to keep the sensitive data of your customers and company hidden from cybercriminals. Outdated security software is one of the top causes for data leaks so we constantly update your software. We also choose the best software suited to your your specific business needs and remotely install it in your system. Our customer support agents vigilantly monitor your system to scan for possible threats and eliminate them before they can penetrate your defenses.

Encrypted knowledge banks

We restrict access to your confidential business files to promote data safety. This is how we manage to keep large amounts of your private data safe from prying eyes. We employ a layered security system that is ideal for knowledge banks. Encryption is also included as a reliable measure to prevent data theft. There is a clear hierarchy in our customer services which means that only some higher-ups will have complete access to your company’s information. Before anyone is allowed to view such files, we ensure that your explicit approval has been obtained. We are determined to maintain and grow the trust we have built with our clients while providing customer support.

GDPR compliance

We help you gain the trust of your customers by adherence to the general data protection regulations. Don’t be hesitant to go for outsourcing due to concerns about the safety of your customers’ data. Our customer services have been founded on the guiding principles presented in general data protection regulations. Right after recruitment, all of our employees undergo strict training to learn compliance to general data protection regulations. We apply this training to the data collection and analyses we perform for your business. You can be relaxed about us handling your sensitive data and guarantee data security for your customers as well.

24 hours monitoring system

There are responsible supervisors managing our customer support operators 24/7 while they work with business data. They are experienced in closely monitoring the activities being carried out in our customer service centers. We are reliable when it comes to protecting your interests.

Contact information

There will be no spam or shady messages being sent to your customers because of data leaks on our end as our security is too tight to allow the contact information of your customers to get out.

Bank account details

While cybercrime rates are high, your customers will not experience any credit card theft or threats to their bank accounts’ safety when they are making payments for your products/ services.

Project confidentiality

Your competitors can continue to make random guesses about your upcoming projects. Our customer support agents are vigilant when they are assisting your staff in developing future projects.

Safe file transfers

During internal communication between your employees and external communication with your customers, we can make sure that all the files you share are sent and received via safe routes.

Customer databases

We understand the importance of protecting the private records of your customers. Their dealings with your company are kept strictly confidential with the latest security software.

Encrypted information

You can be relaxed about the safety of the content you have shared with our customer support agents because we always use strong passwords to restrict access by irrelevant individuals.

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